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  1. I am in MOS school at Camp Johnson and the only electronic store I know of is the Best Buy out in town. (a $10.15 cab ride there) So If it is not too much to ask, can any of you all look at see which is the best external media reader they have. If you've read my other post you are aware I broke the internal one that came with the laptop I just bought :/ Stubborn marine Huh O.o Thanks 'Muniz
  2. Tweezers = too thick Bobby Pin = Didn't work (right size though) well the rubber came off the bobby pin and got stuck inside :/ and I also noticed a piece of metal come out of the slot. oh and the SD card is still stuck inside. I suppose I will wait until my month and a half are over and just use it. The slot is most likely broken at this point, so I will be making a trip to BestBuy for an external USB sd card reader. oOrah 'Muniz
  3. I have a HP Pavillion Tx1210us and I inserted a SD card. There is a probability that I may have placed it incorrectly inside the slot and now it will not come out. I have used it before with the same card, and I remember "shoving it in" and pressing it with a credit card causing the spring to pop the card out. It is now stuck, so does anyone have any "safe" ideas on how to remove it? I purchased it from Conn's so I called and they said they could do so; however, I am in N. Carolina for school (MOS, USMC) and if I could get it out here that would be preferred. As I am only here for 5 weeks
  4. has anyone heard about it, is it a trusted site or no? I'm at MCT (Marine Combat Training) and someone told my mom back home, so I don't have time to look it up as we only get a few hours of Libbo on Sundays. Thanks 'Jose
  5. Can we Delete This ? 'Pfc Muniz USMC
  6. AMD Turion 64 x2 Mobile Tech. Nvidia GeForce Go 6150 2 Gigs 140 HD Laptop Has Built in +Mic +Web Cam +Finger Scanner +Bluetooth
  7. Both Drivers after review are the latest & greatest :/ I suppose I will send this guy back and look at getting a mac... Thanks for the Help 'Pfc Muniz USMC
  8. I wish I could have copied the error code (No Pen and paper near). However has anyone received or heard of receiving a "Blue Screen of Death" for Vista? It gave me the error code and said something caused the system to crash. It was preparing "Crash Files" or something of the sort and commenced restarting following about 1 minute on the screen. v I am now back online and after a full Norton Anti-virus scan I have come across nothing. All I managed to copy was the very basic error code Stop OxoooooooA (OxA3c0000f, ox00000000.... there was more but it took me about 40 seconds to retrieve th
  9. I must say this forum (the people in it) have helped me in several instances in which I could not solve myself. Without this forum and the people I would be going crazy by now!
  10. Do I lose access if I stop paying the Monthly Fee? Has anyone tried it? Any thumbs up, or thumbs down? 'Private Muniz USMC
  11. Go to Cingular Store (Assuming you're carrier is Cingular). Ask them for the Cord to connect your phone via USB. Connect them I personally just opened MY COMPUTER and I saw 2 folders 1 for the PHONE memory 1 for the Memory Card Memory (If your phone has a huge built in memory you will only have the 1 folder) I dropped the .mp3s I wanted into the folder and then unplugged the phone. Tada, the songs appeared. 'Private Muniz USMC
  12. I Love Listening to Music. (Not much into DJ'ing) and there was one point in time where I was big into Digital Art (Photoshop). I wouldn't mind doing some random Digital Effects, and it will mostly be a game here or there, internet, and college. 'Private Muniz USMC
  13. The Basic MacBook Pro $1,299 one or HP Laptop Oorah 'Private Muniz
  14. Working fine now. Re-booted -> "Disc Boot Error, Enter Disc" Re-booted -> Magically started working, as well as the 15-1 card reader Very Odd..... If I wasn't busy I would have just finished building the one I started a while back. Thank You Semper Fi Pvt. Muniz USMC
  15. Recently purchased a new HP computer. It came with Windows Vista and one of those "fancy" pre-built drives that reads the memory cards. I inserted the Memory card (from the camera) and nothing pops up to view the pictures. I even thumbed through "Computer" to see if it was showing and it doesn't even show a drive for the cards. Anyone know what I have to do to get it to work? 'Pvt Muniz USMC
  16. Luckly I didn't sign up during the initial set-up. 'Private Muniz USMC
  17. I am currently trying to find a website that will allow the photographer to upload photo's to his account, allow people to pick and order. and receieve the pictures via mail. We had a family reunion (a small town) and the photographer talked to family and my name came up. I told him I would ask around. So If I was confusing. Photographer. Make Albums Upload Get Paid Customers Pick Order Pay Online Receive in U.S. Mail Thanks Guys!! 'Jose
  18. His system will not boot, although that is a great program, in his case it will not work. Thats why I recommended Bartpe. JSKY yes thank you for the advice (that program has helped me get others keys before I clean installed their PC's) Shanenin I will take your advice to grab my PC key Thank you! Since this event I've been re-enlightening myself on computers. Love feeling like a computer geek again. (Nowhere near professional but not illiterate) Thanks again guys
  19. REPAIR INSTALL ------------------- Will it ask for the KEY when I repair install? (The Windows Key for each computer) My OS is not bootlegged, I had my mother board changed once before and I Just noticed when they put it in a new case the store didn't put my sticker that comes on the original casing on the new one.
  20. Their are all kinds of methods you can use to back up his files. Just to keep it simple, you could slave his drive to your system then temporally save his files to your hardrive. You also could boot his system with a live cd like knoppix or bart pe then copy the files to your system over the network or to a usb drive. Wow, 1 year away from computers (baseball baseball baseball) and I forget about all these other ways. I have to have atleast a million Knoppix (and other distros) in my cd case from when I was exploring other OSs prior to baseball season last year. Thank you again for the idea!!
  21. Hopefully the Repair method works so I can recover and backup all the pictures and files on the computer. Then I will honestly consider a clean install. Thank You all for you help. Clean install is always my last resort... and I can't believe I didn't think about the Repair Install 'Jose
  22. Repair install.... Wow, how did I not think of that. Well I will try and acquire a XP disc, and hope that the repair install works. 'Jose Thanks!!
  23. Sorry if the post is confusing (and that is what I thought about the neighbors computer, THANKS) My sister added a ROUTER and other then that NOTHING has been installed (hardware or software) recently. When i start the computer it automatically goes to the screen with BOOT UP options. SAFEMODE SAFEMODE with NETWORKING SAFEMODE with COMMAND PROMPT LAST KNOWN GOOD CONFIGURATION *Other Option, but Forget what it states* I have tried all of them and no matter what I pick, it loops back to that same screen. (The one listed above) Although when I click LAST KNOWN or OTHER OPTION it goes to the s
  24. REPAIR INSTALL ------------------- Will it ask for the KEY when I repair install? (The Windows Key for each computer) My OS is not bootlegged, I had my mother board changed once before and I Just noticed when they put it in a new case the store didn't put my sticker that comes on the original casing on the new one. If I don't need the key good, if I do... I suppose I'll have to go buy the whole OS with the OEM sticker Question About Fixing a Computer! I am fixing a neighbors computer (Upgrading the RAM & slaving a hard drive), but he also wanted me to clean out his system from Spyware, V