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  1. ibionika

    Sed Help

    even more confused now. In the same file I need to add at the end of each line to use it in latex, in this case I must put the sed command in single
  2. ibionika

    Val Soul

    I think me and the rest of the Kansas crew should post all out soul calibur 3 charaters we have made....LOL....would be awsome...LOL
  3. So I go my drivel, and look for a link there that says "Post to Blog" or "Post" anything--nothing. What the H do I do now?
  4. I think the Friends list s basically a quick way to access a "Contact List" for the people who you might send PMs to the most.. there is also a way to leave short messages to friends..but as Ive said.. Im still trying to learn everything new. Ill see if there is away to allow outside links.. for personal photos.
  5. With all the ubicom, atheros and marvell stuff out there its hard to find a router compatible with open source firmware. Are there any sites that keep up with current open source compatible routers?
  6. I really like that site. That will be very useful to me and my partner. Let me know if you have any more links, but that is perfect for me