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  1. I had the oddest dream last night about In the dream you decided to run adsense ads in two columns down both sides of your home page. I actually checked this morning to verify if it was really true. I think my current Google book I'm reading along with my constant though of marketing had an odd outcome
  2. I am about 1/4 of the way though "in the plex". If you enjoy business and technology you will really like it.
  3. Thanks :-) A few months ago I would have said it was about 50/50 mix of laptops and desktops. Lately it seems like a much larger percentage laptops
  4. thanks. Merry Christmas to you also :-)
  5. when going from one client machine to the next, it is easier to stay standing up. We also have two workstations, 4 computers that we sit down at in the center of the shop my little chihuahua Red squeezing in the chihuahua bed
  6. Many days we will have 8 computers on the bench, but never 8 laptops. It looked cool(I'm a bit proud). For what its worth, 4 of the 12 on the bench are ours. We have one personal laptop for every 2 work stations for work log documentation(our system is run on google docs)
  7. I had a horribly outdated site done ages ago. So when I switched to Squarespace a couple of months ago, I started from scratch(mainly just writing content). When I switched templates last night, it took all of 10 minutes,
  8. I just switched themes for my website. I think it looks 500% better then the old one. We are using squarespace(all the techtv advertisng got me) My link
  9. thanks guys. I will mark all read and see what happens.
  10. Forums headings show having a new reply even when all topics in the forum heading are all read. Is this a known bug or just happening to me?
  11. I have a nexus 7, which I really like. I love my Galaxy Nexus phone. Maybe the nexus 10 would be a good choice.
  12. Do you plan on reviewing any pure android devices?
  13. I remember having a client machine with a very similar issue. after an xp system reload we did for a different reason, every time he would plug in his flatbed scanner(I think also his printer, I do not remember if flash drives did it) the computer would start to load the driver then crash. We ended up reloading a second time and it fixed the issue. I am not sure what the difference was between the first and second reload, but something. Maybe it was different chipset drivers? You may want to look at trying a second reload.
  14. You could disable automatic reboot on system failure, it may or may not reference a suspect .dll that is causing the issue. Since this is a clean install and you are immediately having issues, it is possible that you may have a failing hard drive or even ram(not likely). Those things are easy to test and rule out. You could also try using a pci usb card and see if that makes a difference. edit added later// not sure how different operating systems deal with drivers, but maybe that usb floppy is partially defective and does not play well with xp anymore(windows 7 plays well with it). it would b
  15. yup 75/ hour is our rate for service calls and other timed labor.
  16. The PC repair business as we know it is slowing down. This is the first year since I started revenues have went down. I tlked to other shops in town and it seems to be the same for all of us. I suspect it is the mobile market chipping away at it. I need to start looking at the future for other revenue sources. I am going to start marketing a new service called, "Tech in your Pocket". this is a minimal viable product right now. it is currently just tacked on the website as a landing page so I can start experimenting with adwords marketing.. Next wee
  17. Cool. I will check them out :-)
  18. wow. cool. I got in late and bought Google at its top, but, i think it is still a great buy in the long run, although down a bit since I purchased it. Facebook is up 20% :-) I was reading(and agree) somewhere that apple has lost lots of valuation because of capital gains taxes going up after the first of the year. So many people made a killing in it(like you) are cashing out before the new tax year. I suspect it will rebound in January, but then long term it is going to slowly decline. That is my very novice take on it :-).
  19. Any of you invest in tech stocks? Back in mid September I took the plunge and I invested half my savings into an equal share between Google and Facebook. I love business and follow tech so this will be a fun adventure and hopefully profitable. Just curious if anyone else does tech investing
  20. I currently have a the Galaxy Nexus with Verizon, I got it for $50 with 2 year contract with Verizon :-( Love the phone, network is great, but hate the high price I pay Verizon. My fiance has my old lg optimus V with virgin mobile prepay. When that phone dies I am going to get her the nexus 4 with t mobile prepay. I will be a bit jealous, but I love her, it is ok :-)
  21. The nexus 4 would be a great phone on Tmobile. You can use it with a low price prepaid plan.
  22. Thanks hitest. Times are changing, leaving this post using my nexus 7
  23. still around. I will try and pop in more often