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  1. LCplMurphy

    Howdy Tyme

    Good to hear from ya Tyme. I was thinking about you the other day.
  2. Thanks. Been working alot and hadn't had time to check in.
  3. It's been extremely wet here in Southeast Mo. with lots of flooding. They're calling for a quick round of storms this evening as well.
  4. LCplMurphy


    I'm so sorry for your loss. Stay strong. Murph
  5. LCplMurphy

    Hey Gang

    Hope you all are doing well. It's been a while. Anyone heard from Bearskin?
  6. Marty, my friend, all I can say is why don't you worry about your own country, and let me worry about mine. I really find it hard to believe that someone who does not even live here can have such strong feelings about my country. Also, as far as the mods telling people to calm down, I'm calm, not tryin' to start no trouble, but why have a forum if people are not allowed to speak their mind? Kinda defeats the purpose eh? I for one appreciate all the help I have been given through the the years by you fine folks, but I gotta tell ya, if you feel that strongly 'bout making this place safe for y
  7. Well I don't wanna brag or nothing but I get: Down:41kbps up:239 kbps Yep.........dial up is the only option. If I could just figure a way to switch them 2 numbers?
  8. Ahh gee Mr.Bearskin, I appreciate the offer, but I find that the Females are much more tender.
  9. I'm okay with the discussion as long as it remains civil. I thoroughly enjoy a good debate. However, if it starts resembling a flame war I can and will step in. When people start hurling insulting remarks at each other then it is time to chill out a bit. Thank you for your reply. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> OK? "When people start hurling insulting remarks at each other then it is time to chill out a bit." I musta missed something. btw-I never did get that knoppix disk to work right. Waiting for some Ubunto cd's now.
  10. hitest-I mean this in a good way,ok? I'm calm, but if you look at what you just posted, you would make a good politician. "Hopefully order will be restored soon and the victims will receive the help that they need." Nobody is beating anybody up here. And also to say that , "it is perhaps the worst thing to ever happen in North America." Excuse me, surely you have not forgotten the civil war, or the Native American's. Like I said, not trying to start trouble but, in a situation like this it is human nature to discuss it among friend's.