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  1. I have had a SmartDisk Firelite 40GB hard drive for almost a year now, Recently it hasnt been working. When I plug it into my computer it says it's installing the drivers. Then I look under my Hard Disk Drives. (That's where FireLite puts them, NOT USB.) and it doesn't show up. I even click all Removable Disks to see if maybe that is my external drive. Sadly they are not. Now I have gone into device manger. But it's not showing up in my hard drives or in USB. So I have come here looking for help. I would post what it shows but its very small, Guess you can thank my monitor res. for that. Tha
  2. Firefox 3 is great. It really has used a lot less memory, Which is very good for me. I am avid firefox fan I have more then 10+ tabs open, and It doesn't slow down that much or even use more then a gig of ram, Thanks Mozilla.
  3. Can't wait for the giveaway. I really need the iPod touch.
  4. I just want to note that if you open ports on your router that you must be careful, with what ports you use. I have Comcast and sometimes VNC doesn't handle it that well.
  5. Multi-tasking is working fine here for vista. Haven't had a single problem. I run two monitors and doing many others things, Vista is not slowing down at all.
  6. Thanks. Either one will work for me. I just want a valid opinion.
  7. Hey Besttechie and everyone else. I am in the market for a new iPod, I just want an opinion of which iPod you guys/gals recommend. I am debating on an 80GB iPod Classic and a 8 or 16GB iPod Touch. Which do you guys recommend I get? Also do you think I should wait until the new firmware comes out to buy an iPod touch? Thank you.
  8. Jeff is very knowledge in technology and knows a lot about Domains and web servers.
  9. I have always had problems with torrents and my ISP. I have Comcast so they don't play nice to torrents. It's sad really. If I want a Linux Distro Comcast says "no" and connects to cap me. I know of some Internet Service providers or even make your router slow down the torrents or even make your routers have a hissy fit and do some weird stuff to your network.
  10. Actually I went back into the windows update section in Windows Vista and I realized that there are eight different each day. They are not the same updates. I didn't look closely at it. Most of them are Windows Vista security updates.
  11. I have recently made the switch to Windows Vista. I am not having many problems. The only problem I am having is that when I run windows update it says it updated the 8 updates. But when I go back into windows updated it said that they all failed to download, Now I must clarify that I am using a wireless internet, I am thinking that is the problem. If anyone knows why it wont install just the eight updates If you know why this is please leave a comment Thank you much. - Snake eyes-
  12. Windows Firewall is awful and it doesn't catch anything. I perfer to download a free firewall. I personally like comodo firewall and Zone alarm firewall. They are both great and do the job well. Having a router as a firewall is very well as well.
  13. Hi. I noticed you needed help with partitioning your hard drive. Partitioning isn't hard but it is also not easy at the same time. I've never really done it but I have seen many people do it and seemed easy. I would recommend Norton Partition magic and try that and see if that works for you. - Snakeyes1123 -