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  1. Hmmm, possible? i hope u dont try and open any apps with it..."file not found" lol
  2. Nope, i have to disagree. Was using it but it let me down with a java byer verify trojan that i got with utorrent. It couldnt remove it... Avast is what removed it for me :/
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    Thanks guys Nice of you to post. I'll try and keep it between the ditches.
  4. This is a very good thread.. I dont value artists opinion any more than i do the dog on the street. Thats why it anoys me that some artist that happens to be brain dead voices an opinion to young teens that have yet to form a political opinion. Stick to singing or bouncing that ball i say.
  5. Wow! Still using dial up? Im pretty lucky i m on broadband at home and work, although im told ironically ireland has a higher use of broadband than the US!!?
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    Hello, just stumblen upon besttechie, ypu'll be glad to know im not a bot ...advertising or such... Im from ireland, im 29 i work in marketing and spend alot of time on computer forums! lol I moderate on one forum ventoffsteam....but we dont do tec advice so i may just post here to solve some of those niggles... I keep pretty free from malware and other nasty stuff, The other forum i spend time on , neowin was hacked and i got java-byte verify trojan..thats when i found out how useless AVG IS... Now i use Avast... Thats it...