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    Armless Girl

    On reading the thread title i thought this was a horrible joke. Now i see what its about its amazing.. However, no matter how flex i got i'n never be able to do that..i cant het mt foot past my navel! I do wonder about the hygene of it tho.. From what i know you need to b very careful..
  2. Who buys sheetrock off Home dumpo?? :/
  3. LONDON, England (CNN) -- British investigators believe some of the money raised to help victims of last year's earthquake in Pakistan may have been used to fund last week's alleged plot to blow up jetliners over the Atlantic. In a separate development, another man was arrested Tuesday in connection with the alleged plot to use liquid explosives to blow up planes, bringing the number in custody to 24, according to London's Metropolitan Police. Britain's Home Secretary John Reid is to host a meeting with a number of European Union interior ministers on Wednesday in London to talk about how last
  4. did you ever use
  5. Heres the website if you need to claim your new battery. Note the affected models...i'v to change 4
  6. ha, Now that is funny..hmm "click" "paste" "save" cool
  7. But is it bright yellow? Mind you..ive seen hoe you american build houses..hehehehe
  8. snyper

    Ask God

    That could be in the jokes section..its funny Things are relative is the message..
  9. Wow I was right!! Wooooooooot!! me!!
  10. The reason i say this J is cause i remember cutting it up wen i was a kid in skool!
  11. I believe one is 12v the other is cumlative 48v, i could be wrong..
  12. Im pretty certain its nothing to do with cellophane, it is "actual" paper/card
  13. look here for american defn
  14. its glow paper... luminous yellow would be kinda like glo in dark.. kids use it in school
  15. I like the top one best. Its kinda abstract.
  16. Wahahahahahahhabwabababab!! the car parked the wrong way is what really gets under my skin...
  17. ^^^ same problem every where, while there is a need for unions, nyc and Boston contractors union really take the biscuit.
  18. hahahahahahaha!! Great one!! bwahahahah!!!