- How To Post Updates - A Guideline

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How to Post Updates

Our Updates forum, unlike some others, is open to all members who are welcome to post updates.

The guidelines and practices followed by the Update Experts exist for good reasons: the safety and security of the members and the board, as a service to members who need and use security programs and softwares, as an enhancement to the life of the board and the support the board provides to our members and the general public.

When posting an update please collect and post the information issued by the vendor/author(s) with a link to the vendor(s) web page - update page, changelog page or download page. Please add any relevant information that the vendor has issued about that update which will be beneficial to the readers. (Please do not link to third party sites.)

Topic Titles:

Program Version Upgrade:

Program Name & Version; ie: Ad-aware SE 1.70 released!

Detections Update:

Program name & Detections File #; ie: MS Antispyware Defs. #5719; Ad-aware SE1R101, etc.

-or where no detections file # -

- Program name & date - a-squared(a2) - 04/10/2006

(Date format= mm/dd/yyyy)

Update Post:

Program Version Upgrade:

Program name, Version #, Changelog and link to vendor download page, plus any other information issued about the upgrade.

Detections Update:

Information issued and link to that vendor page.

(A good reference and wealth of information for guidance exists right here in the many updates previously posted.)

If some important information is omitted or helpful, it will probably be added by one of the staff updaters.

Standard Rules/Practices:

1) No direct download links. (If absolutely necessary ie: MVPS Hosts - use Block Quotes).

2) No leaks - if not posted on a vendor(s)site, news, etc. it is not offically released.

3) Link to the vendor(s) sites - please do not link to other forums or third-party sites.

3) Spammers, warez: -0- tolerance; fortunately, no problems here so far.

4) Beta, Release Candidate, Development Release must have appropriate warning to the user.

Thanks for taking time to review these guidelines and enjoy yourselves here! :D

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