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  1. very much like the guide Chachazz! understood..
  2. lol.. I kno the response is abit late, just like to say that i liked this one! good one rv likewise Barb
  3. lol, good one jimras, kinda makes ya feel sorry for the old fella.. hehe!! L.J.M
  4. glad your safe an sound handplane, L.J.M
  5. good one tg liked this one alot tg, sent it around... keep 'em comin for sure... L.J.M
  6. very funny one tg.. one to definately sent around..
  7. hehe.. like that one barb L.J.M
  8. lol hehe.. hant heard this one before good one Sultan L.J.M
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  10. hehe... that one's hilarious!! Thanks bozodog, I am also gonna be sending this 1 to ppl all over cheers L.J.M