Parting Out Old Computer

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Here it is, PM me with Zip and preference of FedEx or USPS for a shipping quote (FOr most items shipping will be around or under $1)

Ill take payment by Paypal or Money Order.


One 8 Gig, Quantum Bigfoot XT Hard Drive. (As Seen Here.) Originaly paid $160 :blink:

$4 USD + Shipping

Two 32 Mb PC 100 Sticks of Ram

$2(each) USD + Shipping

One Sound Blaster Ct4740 Sound Card

$3 USD + Shipping

One ASI Creative Lab's Modem Blaster. Hasnt been used in many years, so Im not sure if it works. Although, I believe it does.

FREE + Shipping

One 64Mb MX 440 Dual VGA Output AGP Video Card. Very nice card for the price. I was easily able to play BF 1942 with this video card.

I'm Asking $15 OBO + Shipping

One Belkin USB to 10/100 Ethernet Adapter. Perfect for those who need to connect to your local network, but don't want to open up your computer to install a PCI card.

Im Asking $15 OBO + Shipping

One Belkin 4 Port USB Switch W/ One USB Cable

$10 + Shipping

Also, I have a box full of IDE, 4 Port Power Cables, USB Cables, and other cables and adapters and crap. PM me for cable & length.

OH! And for the last bit of the computer. I believe the CPU is a P2 400 Mhz w/ a BioStar motherboard. If your interested PM me and Ill dig up some specs. Shipping is all Id charge for those.

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Let us know how you make out with this please Bob.

I'm very interested to see how well this section is going to work.

I may have someone interested in that Graphics card also, I'll check with him and let you know. A couple of questions on it please..what manufacturer is it from? Is this a Chaintech or Asus or what?

What year is it?

S Video on it?

TV out/in?

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