How Do You Connect To The Internet


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  1. 1. How Do You Connect To The Internet

    • Cable
    • Digital Subscriber Link (DSL)
    • Satellite
    • Stealing Wireless From Neighbor
    • Dial up

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well you can be wireless but how do you connect what is your wireless router hooked up to?

I think, but am not sure, mikex works for a company that broadcasts its wifi signal directly to its customers. In that way he is "wireless"

mikex, If I am spreading falsehoods, please correct me :-)

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cable lover here! im so in love with cable, the maximum peak i got is 11MB. that time i was downloading one large file and it went to 11Mb in firefox download for few second then down to 3 MB. i am on wireless.

my IT network neighbor wanttttt cable but he said it expensive. well, he is semi-upper middle class, and he can afford anything, his wife is on shopping spere sometime. so he decide go with DSL because that company allow him to use router to linked to 14 device, that right people, 14 device.

He have: PS2, three replay tv, two tivo, 6 computer, one Dream, 1 mac, and a serveal neighbor he sharing his network to the community wirelessly.

I know, i know, you all wondering why three replaytv and two tivo. well, his wife a tivo lover, and the guy is a replaytv lover. so one tivo is in family room and one in her office. two replay tv in TV room and one in the master bedroom. Me.... a replaytv lover :D

the reason why the wife like tivo because it simple UI. with replaytv, well she kinda have a hard time with it while back but now she used to it since she watch with Stargate. the replaytv in Tv room have about 50' HDTV.

Bet that his speed is like Dialup. I never have heard anybody say that their ISP only allowed so many devices to be hooked up. They give you so much bandwidth and what you do with it is your business. The more junk you have on it and active, the slower it is going to be.

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Once in a while, i had problem with Adelphia and cut off the internet two times. so my parent called them and ask what is happening. they said that someone is stealing our internet through wireless.... (me and my brother). So my parent told them that it only me and my brother using the internet through wireless. so they said "oh....." then they turn it on.

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I'm cheap, which is fortunate as I'm also broke. Stayed with dial-up until DSL prices came down to match (had to bargain to get it @ the same price as dial-up, but it was pretty close anyway). Switched to cheap DSL and it's not that much better than a highly-tweaked dial-up (my ancient computer is the limiting factor here), but I'm not paying any more so it's all good. DSL is less troublesome than dial-up, but I have had some problems nevertheless (lost signal a few times, a couple other technical glitches -- I can't recall what they were or what they were called).

So with my limited experience if I had to go back to dial-up it wouldn't kill me (though I'd scrap the brand name to save even more money).

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I have cable at home, but rarely use it. I sit in front of a computer all day at work, so why would I want to do the same when I get home? I have Charter's lowest plan which runs about 30 a month. I just keep it to remotely log in to work if there's a problem.

At work (which is my primary connection), we use MetroE from Ntelos. It is basically a 10Mbps (that's up and down) connection over fiber to there main pipe.

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that is one thing that makes me hesitant about going into this field i really enjoy working on computers for a hobby and so i thought to myself if i enjoy it so much get into the business so i can make money with it but on the other handit will not be fun for me no more i would not want to mess with a computer on my down time

you think i should persue a career in this field?

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you think i should persue a career in this field?

Now you know you're the only one that can answer that :D

I would suggest getting a well-rounded college education and follow what interests you. If you have a solid education, switching career paths later won't be that difficult. Just look at all the CIO's with a master's in education.

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you think i should persue a career in this field?

Let me expand on what jsbowen said. Computer careers are demanding. The majority of positions with decent pay are going to entail late nights, unpaid overtime, and stress. The question you need to ask yourself, is it worth it to you?

Can you deal with a career where you have to learn something new every few years? If you learn one thing and don't keep up, plan on what you know being virtually useless in 5 years. People who do well in the field who do well are always looking into the newest thing, primarily on their own time. If your interests happen to be tech related, you can get paid very well for what you would be doing anyway.

As for choice of subfields under Information Technology, you have a career path that is appropriate for virtually everyone from Artists to Engineers. Most people just start out working a helpdesk job, and let their personal talents move them to an appropriate career path.

This might be a good topic for another thread, so put one in Chit Chat. There are a lot of Computing Professionals here that would be glad to give their opinions.

As for myself, I just stated my 21st year. I have been a Tutor, PC Support, Tape librarian, Network Manager, Database Admin, Server Admin, Help Desk Tech, Server Admin (Novell, Unix, and Windows), Database Developer (programmer), Firewall Administrator, Intrusion Detection Analyst, Government Security Plan Author, and now I am back to a Network Engineer. All of this working for only five employers.

Best of Luck,


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AT&T Inc. is cutting its introductory price for broadband Internet over phone lines, sliding in below price leader Verizon Communications Inc. with a $12.99 monthly deal.

The offer, which begins Friday for Web orders, is for a yearlong contract. When the contract runs out, the price jumps to $29.99.

The offer on DSL (digital subscriber line) service replaces a previous introductory offer of $14.99 for six months. Verizon has a non-introductory plan for $14.99 a month.

AT&T's move is a continuation of last year's price war, which saw DSL providers cutting introductory prices in half. It puts additional pressure on cable companies, who have hardly cut prices on their broadband services.

The most recent market analyses available show cable companies maintaining their long-held 2-to-1 edge over phone carriers in broadband subscriber numbers, though phone companies have reported strong growth lately.

AT&T, based in San Antonio after SBC Communications Inc.'s acquisition of the former long-distance giant, is the country's largest DSL provider, with 7 million lines. Verizon served 5.1 million broadband lines at the end of last year, including fiber-optic lines.

The maximum download speed for AT&T's cheapest plan is 1.5 megabits per second, twice the maximum on Verizon's line. Actual speed will depend on such factors as a consumer's distance from a telephone switching office.

AT&T also cut its introductory prices on faster lines. A line of up to 3 megabits per second will cost $17.99 per month for a year, down from $21.99 per month for six months. The regular price is $34.99 per month.

Though popular, DSL is not necessarily a cash cow for telephone companies. Verizon only recently started making a profit on the lines, excluding costs for interest, depreciation and amortization. AT&T said customers are more likely to stay with the company if they buy DSL.

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Can just apply for broadband for the first time ever at my main house, up to 3mbit dsl. 30GB capped though.

My folks have 2mbit DSL which is standard.

Everything else is not advaliable, other than sat, and dialup.

/me shivers dial up, how that sucks

Right now im on 54mbit university wireless the most ive ever seen is 10mbits/s download speed, which is rare.


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