How Do You Connect To The Internet


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  1. 1. How Do You Connect To The Internet

    • Cable
    • Digital Subscriber Link (DSL)
    • Satellite
    • Stealing Wireless From Neighbor
    • Dial up

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damn cable is really kickin some butt im suprised in my computer class we took a vote 10 to 1 have dsl. I have (CABLE) love it only thing i will use

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wow surpised again no stealing wireless form the neighbor i got 2 people i know that do this cause there neighbors are to dumb or to lazy to read the manual and lock down the signal i would steal it but the wireless adapter is $50 then i would need a wireless card thats like $50

maybe just no one wants to admit it ^_^

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cable lover here! im so in love with cable, the maximum peak i got is 11MB. that time i was downloading one large file and it went to 11Mb in firefox download for few second then down to 3 MB. i am on wireless.

my IT network neighbor wanttttt cable but he said it expensive. well, he is semi-upper middle class, and he can afford anything, his wife is on shopping spere sometime. so he decide go with DSL because that company allow him to use router to linked to 14 device, that right people, 14 device.

He have: PS2, three replay tv, two tivo, 6 computer, one Dream, 1 mac, and a serveal neighbor he sharing his network to the community wirelessly.

I know, i know, you all wondering why three replaytv and two tivo. well, his wife a tivo lover, and the guy is a replaytv lover. so one tivo is in family room and one in her office. two replay tv in TV room and one in the master bedroom. Me.... a replaytv lover :D

the reason why the wife like tivo because it simple UI. with replaytv, well she kinda have a hard time with it while back but now she used to it since she watch with Stargate. the replaytv in Tv room have about 50' HDTV.

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DSL Here: LOVE it: I have Emmanuel. Defiant, Voyager2 (Playstation) and Voyager 3 (XBOX) connected via my router - Made sure that 3MB was available where I reside, and when I got the answer, I dumped cable 2 weeks later - DSL is faster, and more reliable then cable is, and I have not had one outage that I have noticed - and my PINGS are low when online playing Xbox or PS2 :)


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1.5 Mbs DSL @ home -- serves its purpose quite well... 3 years with verizon and never an internet service is another story

3 Mbs cable @ son's house -- where I go to download something huge that I need in a couple hours... pretty good service from Comcast in western MA....I've heard it's not that way everywhere

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Have 768K cable. been usin cable for bout 5 years, we are on our second provider. my bedroom computer has a $20 wireless LAN card by Foxconn (got it at newegg) that's dang good and it connects to my $35 Belkin Wireless Router (thank you Office Max). It's all good stuff. Had to use Ralink's drivers from their website to get the card to work right. The CD drivers sucked. I'm good at gettin deals ain't I.

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cable here. When I visit my parents house, I borrow the neighbors signal. As to securing your wifi, I must have broadcasted mine for about a month or two. Initially when I set up my router I enabled wireless security. One day I needed to reset it. From that day on I was running an open network. Since I was not using any wireless devices, I did not even think to secure it. Oh well :-)

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Monthly charge for BEX 8.0 Mbps:


• Up to 8 Mbps down

• Up to 768 Kbps up

• Up to 15 email addresses

• 10MB personal Web space

• 500MB email storage

• FREE nationwide dial-up access (up to 10 hrs./mo.)

• FREE use of Buckeye's wireless hotspots

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