New Year Resolution

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Yah...I stopped making resolutions long ago cause I just end up breaking them anyway.

All I want for this year is to try and get a handle on my health issues better than I have now, and to spend more time with my grandkids.

Happy New Year to you all!!

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Well, last year I resolved to give up making resolutions

and I am happy to report that I was 100% successful!!!

Woo hoo!


Yep...I did the same thing.. Worked so good last year I'll do the same this year. :lol::rolleyes::thumbsup:

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My resolution is to get through the next year without being in pain every day.

I'm putting a moratorium on the doctors and chiropractors. They don't work.

I'm going to try physical therapy and more exercise.

Also, I'm going to try to get back in contact with my totally dysfunctional siblings.

Which will probably cause enough stress to send me back to the doctors and chiropractors.

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1) Be a more patient father and husband. With number two on this list, it ain't gonna be easy.

2) Loose the excess weight. I know it isn't very original but with 1/3 of the US population overweight how original could it be?

3) Become a Unix Guru. Frankly, I want to be the go-to guy for Unix in my company. Knowledge is power.

4) Go back to school. I loved school, and I miss it. No sports car for my mid-life crisis, I will just go back to college...:)


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