From Marty

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hi all

sorry to have to start a new thread

but with so many well wishers

it needed a reply

first my thanks to chappy.

who ive been in touch, with pms

then to all you wonderfull people who posted in.

im stuck for words

but you all so humble

i cant stay long on the board as i get tired quickly

but ile be in touch.

i love you all

many many thanks

and a happy new year to you all

allways a friend


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Glad to see you back here Marty, we have missed you!!!

Get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, and eat healthy food to build your system back up to normal. Rest, rest, then more rest even when you think you're rested up rest some more. Been there done that, it really takes a toll on the body!!!

Take care my friend, we're praying for you.


God bless everyone.

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