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Marty, my friend, all I can say is why don't you worry about your own country, and let me worry about mine. I really find it hard to believe that someone who does not even live here can have such strong feelings about my country.

Also, as far as the mods telling people to calm down, I'm calm, not tryin' to start no trouble, but why have a forum if people are not allowed to speak their mind? Kinda defeats the purpose eh? I for one appreciate all the help I have been given through the the years by you fine folks, but I gotta tell ya, if you feel that strongly 'bout making this place safe for youngsters then follow your own advice.

If you are going to criticize, or maybe that's too harsh................If you are going to politely tell someone that they are starting to worry you talking about guns.............Then maybe you should refrain from going to another thread talking about the nuclear reactor in your basement....................I mean, c'mon Guy's, we can all get along............But, don't take the high road on me, and act like just because you suspect that something is getting out of hand, you gotta stop it.

Nobody's perfect, and most of all, we all(or should I say I) don't reside here on a daily basis. so cut us a little slack. If you want a tidy forum, then I suggest you start a private one. I mean no disrespect by that but the handful of regulars you have here could just as easily stay in touch by some other means.

If, in fact, you do want our visit's, then cut us a little slack. Please.

Have a good evening.

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Come on everyone!!

This isn't G4, no need to gang up on people we are all friends here!!

Makes me sick to my stomach that someone is getting flammed on these boards... This is/was a board off friends the last time I was here, now I'm reading this stuff!!! Makes me feel like I'm at g4... Good grief!!

Marty people are right but didn't need to go off on you like that!! Best to keep your political feelings to yourself, I dislike Bush but don't see me flamming the guy, he has is good sides and bad, we all do!! Doesn't mean he should burn in hell or any of us should!!

Come on everyone just freakin get along will you!! You want to talk [email protected]* go to g4, that is one reason I love these boards and pop in and out, because we ARE ALL FRIENDS here! There should be no hatred on these boards or just simply go away and don't come back!!! We want peace here not flame wars!!

I flame all the time on G4 has anyone seen me flame here once?? NO I don't think so, why because I need a place to get away from all that crap and this was the place I came to for peace until I seen this thread!!

Good grief what are you guys trying to do?

For what it is worth, I was very disapointed when I seen this thread and hope to God I never see another flame on these boards again!!

You want to flame go to G4, leave that stuff OFF these boards!!

I will not respond to this thread ever again, just had to get that off my chest!!

Take care and grow up, we are friends not enimies!!


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I thought long and hard about responding before I did, and tempered down what I had to say. Lets try to get some perspective here.

Everyone hates America, that is, until you need us. No one spoke up during the cold war, why? Because we were protecting you rears. Now you don't have the Soviet Union to bash anymore, you turn on us. And you really have nothing to dissuade you. America will still come to your country’s aid when you get in trouble, and you of course will be standing there with your hands out smiling. Why? Because Americans actually care about people in need, regardless of where in the world you are. And unlike the European media, you won't catch us gloating over your misfortune.

So look around, you have bullies in your neighborhood. Think about whether you want to alienate the biggest kid on the block. Frankly, if it wasn't for our fathers and grandfathers a lot of you would be speaking German and Japanese. And if you just can't help yourself, maybe you should find another place to post your political rants.


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im a socialist and i dont want to be called a nazi.

Did I call you a nazi? No. I was pointing out that they were, in fact, socialists. I didn't mean to imply that all socialists were nazis. It's similar to "All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares".

i have no issue with any one else on this board .

but that particular post

so if im to be censured

what about that post

aluvas responded to it as well

I was not aware that historical facts were to be censored here.

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Well, i did stats, so i know the quote, lies damnd lies and statistics. The "alternative" cures, heres one chi-gung has a stastical success rate of 96% curing terminal illnesses. But "terminal illnesses" is so abstract, you can die from excessive dioria. The pharmasutical comapines stand to lose more than anybody, as if chi gungs terminal illness's happen to be cancer and what not, then how can a company charge for a persons service of administering "energy" or "chi" :P

Micheal moore, yeah more half truths and half lies, it wouldnt be worth watching if it wasnt sensationalized, just like the news and tabloids.

Personaly the ultimate conspiracy in my mind is that what we argue or debate about, even the conspiracy's themselves are what "they" want you to think. To be a free thinker, i think its to just let it all go and not to care.

Theres even a latin phrase that says "what nurishes me, kills me".

Oliver who?


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