Microsoft Ceo Threatens To Kill Google

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I got this from a newsletter I subscribe to and thought it was quite interesting so I'm going to share it with all of you. What do you think? I think that is NO way for a CEO of a company to act. Especially one like Microsoft. Enjoy. B)

Microsoft CEO Threatens to Kill Google

While being deposed in a Microsoft lawsuit against Google, former

Microsoft executive and Windows NT architect Mark Lucovsky stated that

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer threatened to "kill" Google when he learned

that Lucovsky was leaving Microsoft to join Google. Ballmer allegedly

made the threat during a chair-throwing tirade in which he also

threatened Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Ballmer denies that it happened

that way, however.

According to Lucovsky, when he informed Ballmer last year that he

was leaving Microsoft, Ballmer asked him whether he was leaving to join

Google. When Lucovsky said that he was, the famously volatile Ballmer

picked up a chair in his office and hurled it at the wall. "I'm going

to [expletive deleted] bury [schmidt]," Ballmer said. "I have done it

before, and I will do it again. I'm going to [expletive deleted] kill

Google." Schmidt was formerly an executive at Novell and Sun

Microsystems--two companies that were, indeed, adversely affected by

Microsoft's market success.

Ballmer has categorized Lucovsky's recollection of the meeting as "a

gross exaggeration of what actually took place. Mark's decision to

leave was disappointing, and I urged him strongly to change his mind,"

Ballmer said. "But his characterization of that meeting is not

accurate." Lucovsky was a Distinguished Engineer and Windows Server

Architect at Microsoft. As I noted in "Windows Server 2003: The Road To

Gold Part One: The Early Years" (see the URL below), he joined

Microsoft with the original wave of ex-Digital Equipment employees who

accompanied NT architect Dave Cutler. Lucovsky was widely regarded at

Microsoft for his technical acumen and is one of the most impressive

people I've ever met.

The deposition came to light because of a recent lawsuit over ex-

Microsoft researcher Kai-Fu Lee, who left the software giant earlier

this year to join Google. Microsoft sued Google over the hire, citing

Lee's employment agreement, which specified that he couldn't work for a

direct Microsoft competitor for at least 1 year after leaving the

company. Despite Google's posturing, recently revealed documents indicate

that the company was aware of the agreement and, in the event of a

Microsoft lawsuit, had made contingency plans to keep Lee on paid leave

until he could begin working for Google. Microsoft also alleges that Lee

sent Google some confidential Microsoft information before he left the


Ballmer's alleged behavior harkens back to Microsoft's US antitrust

lawsuit, during which similar exchanges between various Microsoft

executives were detailed. However, it's important to point out that

Ballmer never threatened to actually break the law to "bury" or "kill"

Schmidt or Google. Microsoft shareholders should be happy that the

company's CEO is that aggressively competitive. Arguably, they should

expect no less.

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Sounds like what takes place in the conference rooms of every type of industry across the nation. Executives blow off steam due to valued employee leaving all the time. MicroSoft would be no different, but they ARE more public than most so we get to hear about it. Ha-ha! Ballmer blew a gasket! :lol:

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isnt it funny, people help you to get to the top,

and when you get there,

they revesed the process,

by trying to bring you back down.

yes i thought the statement was a bit over the top.

i saw that on our local chanel.

isnt belmer going to google.

is it true google is going for a browser?

i saw that on the

not sure why because they are involved in all the browsers apart from .


ff. moz.all linux .you name it they are there .

i had a look at advanced browser and i see

google is there also.

my they have there hands full


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You brought up a point I had meant to address: The employment contract stated he couldn't work for a competitor for a set period of time (I don't remember if that's truly enforceable anyway) but ...  In what way does Google compete with MS?


MSN Search - Google Search

MSN Maps - Google Maps

MSN Messenger - Google Talk

MSN Groups - Google Groups

Hotmail - GMail

MSNBC (via MSN portal) - Google News

MSN Toolbar - Google Toolbar

Various Windows features - Google Desktop

Virtual Earth - Google Earth

and so on.

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Google is taking over the world :lol:

Anyone think we can make some money off executive tyrades? Who wants to design a rage chamber with me that could be interactive? :D



to quote Bakaru Bonzi "i don't know how i feel about that."

BTW a million bonus points if you can tell were exactly that quote is from.

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MSN Search - Google Search

MSN Maps - Google Maps

MSN Messenger - Google Talk

MSN Groups - Google Groups

Hotmail - GMail

MSNBC (via MSN portal) - Google News

MSN Toolbar - Google Toolbar

Various Windows features - Google Desktop

Virtual Earth - Google Earth

and so on.


Oh right, I forgot MS has content. Does anybody use it? Like, ever? Anybody? Hello? :lol:

OK; Hotmail is probably still used by some people (I used mine so rarely they kept cancelling it just before I needed it again), and their satellite imaging used to be cool (but I use the competition now), I no longer use an IM program, MSNBC leans too far left for me, Groups I know nothing about, Earthlink has a toolbar so I don't need either MS or Google's, I'm not familar with GDesktop but likely wouldn't use it (and it won't be compatible with '9x anyway I betcha). I do have one friend who used MSN as his ISP but he no longer does.

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