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i have the fax option enabled in xp for about a year now .and i send faxes all over the can enable it in win components

i suggest you go to the fax help get your info

i can send 1 page but havent thought about multiple pages.

there must be anoption for multiple pages .


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Thanks for the help guys! I will try again and post back to let you know if I succeeded. :P


Fax sent successfully! Thanks again.

I had to also configure the dialing rules to get it to send.

The simplest of things are always the hardest. At least for me, LOL. :D

MMM funny thing I can flash a e-mail halfway around the world in seconds,but can not send a fax across the street to save my soul. :blink::unsure::wacko:

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There used to be a site out there (think it was that if you signed up (free) you could receive faxes with any internet connection. It cost if you wanted to send them though. My brother in law used to use it about 4-5 years ago. Don't remember anything else about it

Just found it here if anyone interested


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