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If anyone has a good design for an ad for BestTechies to place on my website, let me know. I never really played with graphics, And I'll be more then happy to put a good ad for this place on it. This would be the first ad I will be putting on my site. so if anyone can come up with a fair to good one. Front page to.

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I would love to place a banner on my site as well, I used to have some links to some web based programs to make banners but they are pretty simple.

Like this place

banner creation site


I make this one:


Let me know what you think of it?



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Hi CGM3.

It should say Besttechie and if you can underneath the word Besttechie which should be in big letters have it say in small letters...

Where the Power of Tech takes Over

Then you can do all the effects to make it look nice. I don't want any animation. First just make the banner and we will see how it looks.



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But no .net? I thought thats the whole point in advertisement? Up to you...let me get to work in background colors you mat want? Kinda the color of the forum? As of letters what color? I can highlight them too.....If not ill just post many of the same thing in different font type and back later


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B, I see will stil have some information we are going to need from you to know what certain things you want on your banner.

We now know that you want it to just have "Besttechie" and no ""

We also know now that you want "Where the Power of Tech takes Over"

Are there any color schemes you'd like? What size would you prefer the banner?

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