Rezfiles Closed Down..?

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Hi Y'all

I don't know how many of you were using RezFiles as an upload host since rezinator came here and offered his service to us, but it seems that his site has been closed down due to bandwidth issues.

A page comes up saying its closed due to bandwidth but will reopen July 01....well its Aug 05 now, so it seems that the site is going to remain closed...or so it would seem anyway.

Has anyone seen rezinator around lately?

He posted last here on June 07 and I haven't checked his G4TV account yet, but I haven't seen him around there either. Its too bad if his site is closed down permanently, it was very nice of him to offer this free service to us.

I think he was probably surprised by the costs of having such a service, and the bills just finally got to be too much for him. I hope he's not in trouble with outstanding costs still.

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"Hello, Thank you for your concerns. I did not know people would miss me

at the forums, But I have been in Poland for the last few weeks with

minimal internet access. I got back about a week ago. Unfortunatly I

contracted an odd stomach virus while i was there so I am very weak and

tired because I can't eat anything. I am gettin better each day.


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Thanx for the update Sultan, I hope he gets well soon.

I still wonder about his upload site...I hope he just needs to get back on and update it, and not that he's run out of $$$ to run it.

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Thanks sultan for the update. I don't go to G4, please wish him the best from us.



He's a member here also Mike, so you can relay that to him from here as well.

Good guy...he started a file upload site specifically for his friends at G4 and here.

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Hello, sorry about all the trouble lately.

I havent had time to fix up my site

Soon i will have a private upload site for the members of bestechie and g4

this upload site has been getting out really far and i was geting huge trafic, more then i can handle.

Sorry for any problems, Also money is not a problem at all

Me and my brother just started an online computer parts store, i am hosting it off that and trying to count this as a business expense.

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Hi Rez,

Although I'm just a "leisure surfing noob" and would probably never need your site, it sure was a generous thing you did!! Thank you. I bet you are a Godsend to a lot of folks and I'm sure it's been wildly successful.

Between your Poland trip (how cool is that??) and your stomach thing, I think I can speak for the folks here--I'm sure everyone completely understands your site having some problems. Get yourself better first!!


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