Gateway SX2110G-UW308 no video

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Hi all. Have a Gateway SX2110G-UW308 pc that even though it was hooked to a APC surge protector, after a thunderstorm has no video output to the monitor. Monitor still works on other pc,s, sent the pc back to gateway and after less than stellar help from them, (told me they would not honor warranty, case had been opened with was false) I am stuck. Is this computer a candidate for an ad on video card, is there some checks I can do? The led on the front flashes, you can hear the HD spinning, just no video. Or is this just a peice of scrap? Thanks, Jim.

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You could try unplugging the monitor from the electrical source & waiting 30 minutes then restart !! If that does not get it to work try finding a used video card (cheap) and see if it works ! Only things i can sugest Jim !!



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