Anyone else get YoutooTV channel ?

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They just added a new channel to our lineup on Time Warner

It has some interesting programming so far, including geek beat.

and diggnation

Yep Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose (former G4 The Screen Savers personalities) there. maybe more revision3 content.

Could stand a better set and larger budget and personalities who come across as more knowledgeable and geeky, but over all it has good info.

Lots of the content appears to be user created, like Current was initially.

Then they air the old X-Files, Adam West Batman, Bruce Lee GreenHornet and other stuff in a Mystery Science Theater format.

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Ah good, their site is no longer beta

Navigation still not quite there (they have links to pages they do not have up yet).


Kind of dissappointing, Most things have only one episode which airs over and over.

Diggnation has a new episode once a week, but Albrecht and Rose no longer seem interested in tech, just do stupid stuff like testing poison ivy as a tatoo remover.

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Wow, hadn't realized they had been on for so long. Time has flown by these last two years.

The demise of G4 has me looking for stuff to have on in the background and I started watching more YouToo (time warner channel 103 here)

I had ignored EP Daily, The Electronic Playground as I figured it was as bad as it had been on G4Techtv

But I started watching it recently and it has come a long way since then. It really is good enough to put on my "watch regularly" list.

Good game reviews, tech reviews, tech news, movie reviews and much much more.

I deifinitely urge folks if they have YouToo in their cable lineup to check it out and give some of their other programming a chance too.

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