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  1. Right, but I'd like the ability to just have someone pay without having to go through any kind of PayPal back-end or having to sign up for a Google Wallet account. Those are extra steps in the process and, the more steps you have, the less likely you are to convert that visitor into a buyer. Those are easy platforms, but merchant accounts do seem more expensive and more difficult to use, to boot. I'd love for Square to get into this area.
  2. What are your predictions for the GS4's specs? I know there has been some leaked info, but we probably won't know 100% what's in the phone until it launches. That said, I'd love to hear what you think will be in the phone, or what you'd like to see. Personally, as far as the eye-tracking stuff goes, I'm not sure I'd be a big fan of a feature like that. I prefer having control over scrolling on my own. The idea of a screen automatically scrolling when I get near the bottom is a bit of a turn-off.
  3. Anyone know of a good, clean way to accept credit cards online without using PayPal or Google Checkout/Wallet? I'm familiar with Stripe, but it seems more geared toward developers (and I'm not quite there yet on the knowledge side of things).
  4. Yeah, it sounds to me like you're looking to create a subdomain. If the host you're using has CPanel, you can create one from there. Otherwise, you might need to peek in at your host's support documents to learn how to do it. Creating a subdomain is the same as creating a whole new website basically: will be looked at as a completely different site than, and it won't receive any of the SEO benefits for being associated with the main domain name. After you create the subdomain, you can install WordPress (or your platform of choice) to When you'
  5. Interesting development! I'll definitely have to check and see if my local lineup here in Harrisburg has this channel. Might help fill the G4 void.
  6. I've been going through Codecademy and have completed the Web Fundamentals and JavaScript tracks, and I'd like to learn PHP. Unfortunately, Codecademy doesn't offer any courses on PHP. Where is the best place to learn PHP online?
  7. Just curious -- does anyone here have a MythTV DVR box set up? And, if so, what kind of components did you use to build it? I'd love to have a DVR, but I'm not really interested in paying the cable company $15/mo to rent one every month. Thanks!