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Hey everyone,

Just a quick post to let you all know I will be away (but probably checking in - so don't behave too badly for Matt, TT, and the mods) from Today (Aug. 19th, 2009) until Aug. 24th, 2009. I am heading to Seattle with Mandy for Gnomedex. Gnomedex is the tech conference hosted by Chris Pirillo as many former TTV forum members and viewers know. I've wanted to attend this conference since I was 14 so this is super exciting for me.

I'll also be meeting up with Ryan, Phil, and Pierce there too. The first time I will meet them in person, so that will definitely be cool too.

It's a tech conference so I'm sure I'll be online, don't miss me too much! :P

Also, the forum anniversary is the 23rd! Don't forget to wish it a happy birthday!


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Enjoy yourself man - I am glad that you are finally able to go to Gnomedex, and I hope that you have a fun time, and are able to see many new and interesting things.

Please let us know all about what you did when you return - I definately would be interested in that ;)


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welcome back beluga

you are lucky to be able to meet people who were my idols

when i was a member of ttv

many of those names bring back memorys

including the user name beluga

i was in love with all at techtv

those days i thought compts

were what you flew to the moon

so hope you had a good time

was becky worley there

i still keep in touch with her

good one jeff


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