Do You Use Twitter?

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Twitter is the very popular micro blogging site that has even made its way into the mainstream media. Do you use Twitter? If so, what do you use it for? If not, why don't you use it?

Let's get a good discussion on Twitter going as our first post in the Web 2.0 forum!

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No, I don't use Twitter. I don't plan to use Twitter.

In my opinion, Twitter is only reasonable for celebrities or other public figures. I can understand people wanting to "follow" what Shaq or Obama or Pete Wentz are doing today--and only for the "die hard" fans who need to know everything about that person. Not really for me, but I get why it would appeal to some. However, I don't think anyone cares at all what I ate for breakfast. I think its just a stupid trend.

I also find it ironic that television or internet companies are using twitter. If I want to follow MSNBC, I'm not going to follow them on I'm going to follow them on or the MSNBC channel. Same goes for digg, slashdot, cnet, or any other publication.

I think its a fad that will die once people realize "woah, I don't really care what my friend got at McDonalds today." or "hey, RSS feeds from my favorite news source are better than Twitter feeds."

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I do use twitter, and I really like it. Here's why:

1. Communicating with the world; you can @ reply anyone in the world, and communicate with them like that.

2. I use twitter for breakingnews; I rarely use CNN or my local news station anymore, Twitter does the job.

My twitter is mostly for personal use, and I retweet anything that I find important/interesting.


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I honestly didn't know what it was even for until I just read this thread. I've heard about it but usually I'm not paying attention beyond it's name when I've heard mention of it.

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