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Newb has new dialup connection with Intel 536ep internal PCI modem in MDK 10.0.(kernel 2.6.x) Modem drivers on disk were outdated so used latest Intel 536ep chipset drivers and that installed and compiled OK. Configured in Kppp. Connection seems fine, but when downloading files from different sites to test modem, all keep stalling, then I guess there is a reconnect and it continues..stalls....continues...etc. I am able to dwnload 1 to 3mb files but anything more is a hassle. This modem tests out OK on a Wxp Pc on the exact same phone line. Do I have to use Kget or Kbear to dwnload these files? Maybe some settings in the modem commands dialogue box?

The settings in the Kppp are:

modem device: /dev/modem

flow cntrl: hdwr (have tried none)

line term: cr/lf

conn speed: I have tried 38000 to 115200

lock file: checked

mdm timeout: 30 sec.

Authentication PAP/CHAP

preinit delay- 50

init string -ATZ

post init dly -50

dial speed -70

init resp -ok

no tone det -atx3

dial string -atdt

conn resp -connect

busy resp ? busy

no carrier ? no carrier

no tone ? no tone

hangup -+++ATH

hngup resp -ok

answer strng -ata

ring ? ring

ans -connect

dlp resp -digital line detected

escape +++

esc resp ? ok

guard time -50

vol off/lo/hi M0L0/ MIL1/ MIL3



maybe someone can see a simple error and help out.


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I use prozilla to downlaod.. but if its stalling it may be a problem with the driver.. I have never had good luck with winmodem drivers in linux..

what are the otehr specs of the machine.. also when it stalls type dmesg and see of your kernel is telling you something.

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