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  1. Nice to hear some level headed responses. I will continue with Linux. My only point to the community was to not fall into the same "We know what you need, so just hush and do it this way" mentality that MS has used for the last 20 yrs. By the way.. to martymas; Best to go with DSL thru a NIC card, but I don't have it here so am using dialup. You're right, it did take several weeks and I almost gave up, but someone in a forum walked me thru it. try a Best Tech external serial modem (has to be controller/hdwr) modem or google for an AMI-IA56 internal PCI hdwr modem with Intel 536ep chipset. The
  2. Letter to the Linux Community, The following is a critique and NOT a criticism of Linux or those who crunch thru lines of code for altruistic goals. This is really a request of those experienced in Linux to help those of us who are "textually" challenged. I intend to pursue Linux as far as I am able, but I hope that from a beginner's perspective, I can make some constructive observations about the Linux community. Microsoft is not off the hook here either. I have a disagreement with; (1) MS licensing practices and interpretation about free markets, (2) the fact that Microsoft "knows what
  3. Am trying to play some online animation that always asks if I want to dwnload Macromedia I did. Have downloaded Flash plug-in (.rpm) for Konqueror. Installed, then added it to path/folder for Konq to find in the settings>config Konq>plugins>Netscape plugins dialogue box. Then clicked on scan for new plugins, but will not recognize it. What's going on? Thanks for any help.
  4. Uh oh! Newb may have just broken MDK 10.0 Linux. During install I configured with LILO to autoload KDE 3.2 desktop. Everything has been fine until.........Yesterday accidently shutoff power . Now during boot, something about loopback interface.....CUPS may not work properly. Then it only boots to '-bash' , which I believe is a shell. Then I need to log in under localhost.........then I need to log in as root.........then I need to enter KDE..... only then do I get my desktop. Then when I want out, I can only log out of the session. There is no option to shutdown the PC from KDE. I have to re
  5. Newb has new dialup connection with Intel 536ep internal PCI modem in MDK 10.0.(kernel 2.6.x) Modem drivers on disk were outdated so used latest Intel 536ep chipset drivers and that installed and compiled OK. Configured in Kppp. Connection seems fine, but when downloading files from different sites to test modem, all keep stalling, then I guess there is a reconnect and it continues..stalls....continues...etc. I am able to dwnload 1 to 3mb files but anything more is a hassle. This modem tests out OK on a Wxp Pc on the exact same phone line. Do I have to use Kget or Kbear to dwnload these file