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Hey all! I have two SATA HDD's and I was wondering if anyone can tell me if this problem is normal or not. This problem happens rather the computer sit idle or not. The hard drive makes this whirling sounds. Sometime when I open My Computer and click on D, E, or F drive as I have 2 partitions on each drive, that when the harddrives makes that sound. Does the whirling sounds indicate the drives are going to fail or damaged?


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If it's a 'new' sound, it's probably going bad. :(

The whiring could be the bearings. Back everything up.

Thanks JDoors I'll do a back up and keep an eye on these drives. The sound is like a miniature afterburner starting up.


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Whirling (air rushing ) or whining (metal on metal screech)?

Whirling is probably normal, just the sound of a fast drive causing things to vibrate a bit. Try rubber washers to isolate it from the case if needed. Install more fans to cover the noise if it freaks you out. Play some music.

Whining is not normal, nor is grinding ; both represent a probable failure. Make sure you have SMART (self monitoring and reporting tool) for the drives enabled in the bios so it will warn you when it detects imminent failure.

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sound in your hard disk may be the spinning sound than it is ok .

if the sound comes from the hard disk is bad or something like the grinding than the hard disk failure . so to keep this one.

backed up the whole data so that the data will not loss after failure of the hard disk.

contact the computer repair shop to check the hard disk.

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I had a drive in my older HP that started making sounds like whirring, and it sounded almost like whistling sometimes when it spun up - I actually experienced a hardware failure a month or so later, due to the motherboard dying. The drive that was in that machine was transplanted to my backup windows machine, and sometimes I can hear the noises of the drives spinning, and I think that sometimes this happens with age. I would think that if you hear a strange sounding wizzing sound then you would want to check the health of the drive - I've seen a drive burn up once, and I can tell you from experience that it was a QUICK death for the drive, and it just went "wirrrrrrrzzzzzzzz" then a puff of SMOKE that made everyone cough, and man did it STINK!! (The sound was high pitched, and then came down in pitch before the smoke came)

As stated, just watch the drive and if you start finding it acting up, then I would worry, but if its just making noise, it is mostlikely normal - I would also recommend that if you have not backed up your data that you do so from time to time, that way, if the drive does go, you are safe ;)

Good Luck!!


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