Anyone Ever See Burt Stark ?

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i havent seen a post from him since he and i had a run in over pete_c.

he pmed me saying he was a fan of leo.

and if i was to defend pete.get my facts straight.

but my post at the time had nothing to do with pete or leo .

it was the company beaming techtv c.f.h to me that was grizzling.

because they lost the feed when comcast over.

at the time when the thread was raging at g4.

it was mentioned it was in a certain persons hands to release certain

rights to the program.other wise the company i deal with would be able to.

to get the feed back again.

there were several letters on this board about the controversy

burt sent me a second pm .

and unfortunately i cant read invisable ink there wasnt any message .

to me burt stark was a brown arm club member.right up to his elbows .

he was one of the instigators to try and get pete demoted as a moderator

and he hasent posted since that incedence.

but he tried to drag me into some thing that didnt concern me

pete of course didnt get demoted .

i know ther was a bit of rivelry.

when i joined g4 pete stuck up for us newbees.

so i in tend to return the complments.

hope this helps to settle this burt stark thing .


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