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any one know how to setup networks

on cable connect

this version has changed the settings

and there isnt an avenue

for cable connect

unless they have changed the words

i have the settings from my isp

but i havent a clue where to set them

linux has been a battle for many of us

but with out those networks settings

it is like p------g at the moon

they have also changed the area

to locate the the network

they have settings for all other connections but cable

any help


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sorry I am lost..

What Cable setting do you need set.. it should be standard tcp/ip correct..

do you have to enter a username and password?

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if you tell me the settings you need, I will send you a file to put in your /etc/network folder..

there is a bug with the ubuntu network manager..

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Iwas gonna reply yesterday but thought I was probably off the mark as I have no experience with this but...what I get from the post is you're looking for something like this...or maybe even this since it's somewhere in your part of the world.

once again, probably wrong but hope it helps

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thanks for the replys

sorry i havent been to this thread for some time

i found the problem

was the time and date

was 24hrs ahead of our time

god knows why

and when i installed it wasent showing the full menu

and the networks was one of those not there

i have a post in another thread

concerning this install

which concerns a vista ubuntu8.10

dual boot

tic tocs

reply was interesting

as my isp is telstra


thanks again


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