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There's no real answer to this. Every OS has it's strength's and weaknesses. It really just comes to what you prefer and what works for whatever you're doing. You can debate until you're blue in the face but it doesn't matter, people will use what works for them.

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@ Keith

I've heard most games tend not to work on most linux distros except for Wine.

Can you confirm any truth in this?

You are correct darkerside04, Remember LInux is not Windows... hehe... I am a huge gamer but for most that's not an issue... There is a service called Cedega from TransGaming that is a pay for service to play Windows games... Codeweavers also has a similar service but it looks like they have more games, called Cross Over Games... Basically they both seem to be a "Pre-Configured for Video Games Version of Wine" and cost around $50 but you don't have to waste the time configuring and Trouble Shooting WINE to get your games working... There are a few Games that have been ported but if you own them you would have to purchase again to get the Linux Version... Good thing, WINE is also FREE as is Linux...

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kk I was just making sure I was correct, now if there could be a linux distro that was Ubuntu + Micro$oft functionality (gaming and graphics wise) well then I'd be sold.

As for now I just tweak windows xp to work how I want and get freeware (which is actually fairly lite) to mimic the graphics

That's my xp

Nice looking, My XP is pretty plain and simple, tho my Ubuntu looks like a Mac... Your Dock is basically like mine a copy of Apples...

Let me know if you can see the pic from the link...

The Desktop effects are really cool, tho they just tend to be Eye Candy and really not productive...

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I have been using windows for years, and I have played with VISTA. I will not "debate" which OS is better, because for every good thing you find (PRO), there is a bad thing (CON) I have used Linux, and now have elive on my server, whicn will serve my web needs for the future and so far, I love it.

There are a few things that I would like to see Vista Improve on - One of these is that when running AVG, it seems to not be able to add itself to the OK list of programs it recognizes. This can be a problem if you constantly have to give "permission" for this to run. It's a good thing to ask permission, but if you KNOW what the program does, you should be able to add it to a whitelist, which is one thing that I think Seven will do, where Vista will not. Maybe it is because Windows Vista was new when this occurred and it was not recognized.

Other then that, I think Vista is a Good OS, except that they should have tweaked it out a LOT more - that way, they would NOT have individuals with so many problems. Vista's rollout reminds me of when they rolled out Windows ME, and they could have gone straight to XP Home, which when my mom had problems cost her $300.00 to get a Full Install of XP Home, just to deal with the ME problems.

We shall see how Seven works ;)


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