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any one know how to stop Ccleaner from deleting the cookies

more so the login cookie

each time i come to this site [or any site]

ccleaner keeps deleting my cookies

how do i stop this

ive uninstalled the program

but once ive found the answer ile load it back on


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In the Internet Explorer section UN-check Temporary Internet Files (not positive this NEEDS to be done, but cookies are stored alongside your Temporary Internet Files so the program MAY delete cookies too with this setting), Cookies (obviously), and Delete Index.dat files (these files contain all the information that's in the temp directory including your cookies, delete this file and cookies are gone too).

IE has a setting under Tools, Internet Options, Privacy tab, that deletes temp files when you close IE, but it's smart enough to leave cookies alone (at least, the version of IE I'm using has this setting).


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With CCleaner open just click on Options at the left then select Tools. Select Cookies and move the cookies you want saved to the right panel. This way CCleaner can remove the unnecessary ones by leaving all of the other suggestions still checked.

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