Podcasting( Which Ones Do You Like?)

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What podcasts( video or audio) do you listen to/watch?

My podcast library:

Video: Diggnation, Tekzilla, Pixel Perfect, The totallly rad show, command N, Macbreak, systm, Cranky geeks, Mahalo daily

Audio: DSC, The apple phone show, Macbreak tech, The tech guy, Macbreak weekely, Munchcast, podnutz, Net@night, No agenda, OCF podcast, Security now, tech 5, TWIM, TWIP, TWIT

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Security Now, This Week In Tech, Windows Weekly, Net At Night, Munchcast (edit: The Daily Giz-Wiz) ... all from TWIT. Since I listen while I'm doing other stuff online I actually miss a lot of what they're saying. :blush:


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Security Now, Daily Giz Wiz, Munchcast, TWIT, Macbreak Weekly, Inside Home Recording, Mac OS Ken, the tech guy.

On the video podcast side; Cranky Geeks, Geek Brief, Tiki bar.

A few others but not regularly.

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I don't have a routine of what I listen to or watch, I generally will read blogs and/or catch the occasional episode of whatever it may be. However, I am going to see Diggnation tonight in NYC - that should be fun! :)


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I enjoy The Tech Guy and Security Now.

I used to be a TWIT fan, but the content started diminishing about a year ago. Now it sounds like a high school locker room.

I also really like The Digital Story. (Photography podcast)

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