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Hello all,

For quite a while now I have had no sound in firefox while attempting to play embedded videos. I have sound while playing the same embedded video in IE7 but no sound in firefox. I have tried to reinstall wmp 11, shockwave player and vista codecs. I have no idea what could of caused this since it was quite a while ago that the sound went off.

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If this were just one site; I would say they had bad coding.

Since you say no sound in embedded videos; I am wondering if it is a problem with the Adobe flash player plugin for Firefox.

Make sure you have the latest version of adobe flash player.

Then restart your computer.

I also found this fix for linux

but doubt that helps, although it may point us in the direction of a fix. IE you need another flash player installed and you edit your /etc/firefox/firefoxrc file to indicate it. But I think there may be a hint of the cause here

I installed the new adobe flash player as root, but it did not work. When I installed the player as local non-root user. it installed the player on my home directory under ./mozilla (I use firefox) and voila it plays audio now!

It looks like either the old plugin failed to uninstall or the new one installed in the wrong folder.

You may be able to manually edit in tools / options/ content /file types / manage.

But I would start by uninstalling any Macromedia flash and shockwave in add/ remove programs and adobe flash player and then go to adobe and get the latest

You can test flash player here

Version 9,0,115,0 is current.

Anything else should be uninstalled for security reasons.

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I fixed it! I basically uninstalled all codecs and video players, flash player, and cleaned the registery and installed Vista Codec package, adobe flash player and wmp firefox pluggin. It seemed like there was a conflict occuring with the media players.

Thanks for the tips all!

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try installing the Combined Community Codec Pack. It has every codec for practically every piece of media out there that is compatible with pretty much any media player. These codecs work in WMP, Winamp, Zoom Player (comes with the pack), Media Player Classic (also comes with it), VLC, and I'm sure others. It's a must have for anime watchers like me.

Give this a shot and see if it fixes your prob. I have FF and the CCCP installed on both my XP main rig and Vista laptop and have 0 sound trouble out of videos.

The Combined Community Codec Pack

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no luck with the Combined Community Codec Pack. But in firefox tools>options>>content>file types am i suppose to have wmp, mpeg, avi associations listed? Because I only have adobe and shockwave flash listed. Does anyone have video files associated?

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When you are playing the video, go to your volume icon in the task bar. Left click on it. Below the setting is 'Mixer'. Every app that needs volume will show up when use it - otherwise there may be only a couple in there. Each has its own volume settings. Play the YouTube video again - there will not be any volume. But go to that mixer setting again and there will be another one for the video. Raise that app's volume. This should work for every app that for some reason doesn't have audio but should.

I tried all the other fixes. The easiest one was the fix for me and I uninstalled and reinstalled everything.

Hope this helps!

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