Can An Ipod Be Used For Time Machine?

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I like this marketing term, I like it better than snap over that net app calls it.

you should have a dedicated partition or disk.

as far as I can tell, what is happening is that the OS creates a soft link, then as things are changed it changes those specific soft links to hard links with a soft link of the new version on the next run. Time capsule seams to use hard links so that you do not need the original partition.

so if this is true then this does little to help for disk failure, so the Ipod would be mostly useless with out the original partition.

you can do this with bash, but its a pain to code..

this is really fast as almost no data is truly backed up, just the changes.

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I have a quick question; can an ipod video(30gb) be used for time machine? Or or about a 30 gb hdd camcorder?


That isn't too great of an idea due to the small size of the HD compared to your actual main hard drive in your laptop or desktop Mac.

I would pick up a minimum 250GB external drive (they aren't too expensive nowadays and can be had on sale for under 100$ definitely if you look around)

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