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I just came from the Blog page, haven't been there in forever, and all I see are male enhancement drugs under the updated blogs. Is someone trying to tell me something, or do I login to the blogs for it to disappear?

Either way the page was huge, no pun.

Snippit of the page

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Alright, I just implemented a CAPTCHA system, so hopefully, this will reduce the amount of spam blogs drastically.



I got a blog moderation request yesterday that had a user just posting ramdom letters and numbers and I deleted it. In order to stem this a little bit, I set it so that a user has to be logged in to post a comment. This may stop some of the randomness. I also wanted to say that the CAPTCHA system has spammed at least 6 of my comments that were indeed spam - so it is working :)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving ;)


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