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Well howdy folks. lol

One of these computers around here decided to spit out a fancy little "system32/drivers/pci.sys is missing or corrupt"..

soo I decided to try my luck with the recovery console. I tried putting " Expand d:\i386\pci.sy_ c:\windows\System32\drivers /y " and i get an access denied. I'm kinda lost as to what to do next :wacko:

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I read that error can also be caused by bad or loose ram. You may want to try reseating it. If you have two sticks, try one at a time.

I am not sure why you are getting an access denied error.

edit added//

you may want to first try setting then environmental variable before running the command

set AllowAllPaths = true
expand d:\i386\pci.sy_ c:\windows\system\drivers32 /y

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hey shanenin, thanks for the quick reply.

when i tried the set command i got the following message

"The SET command is currently disabled. The SET command is an optional Recovery Console command that can only be enabled by using the the Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in."

... there really is two "the"s too.. lol .. nice typo huh.

but I'll try the ram solution now.

thanks :)

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you could try and rename the file c:\windows\system\drivers32\pci.sys to c:\windows\system\drivers32\pci.sys.old . Then maybe it will allow you to expand the file from the cd. Use this advice with caution, not really tested.

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I tried putting a copy of my pci.sys on a floppy and copying it from there but it still gave me access denied.

I'll try to rename it as soon i I can get into the frickin recovery console again.

9 out of 10 times I try it it freezes on the screen that says "press r to blah blah"



yea I still get access denied when i try renaming it.

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SpinRite6 is also a good HDD tool for this, but it's not free. It does have some major power to restore bad sectors tho and is probably one of the best I've ever used....finally something Useful from!! Most of his other stuff is just fluff, including his port scanner, it's the easiest one to fool.

The HDD utility from Seagate will work for most brands of HDD's, others are proprietary. If there are unrecoverable sections on the HDD, you can map them so Windows will not use them again, and run a Repair Install so you don't have to go thru a full backup & install again. Repair Installs work very well, I've never had one mess up any data and I've run a few over the years, but never on a disk that has mapped bad clusters before. I can't see that making a real big difference but if you do go this route I would do a backup of any Real important info first...just in case.

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