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Ok, got XP installed on 20gb hd, ME on a 6gb slave hd, ultimate intentions is to later put linux on the 6gb hd after I mess with it awhile. My question now is, how do I edit the boot ini to show on startup so I can select from either C or F (xp or me). the computer is a Gateway select 1200 1.2. Thanks.

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Havent tried anything in the link that was posted on editing the boot ini, and just checked in to look at the post, when I turn on the computer now, it goes straight to xp. I have ubuntu downloaded onto a disc, if I try to run it to install, will it give me the option(s) to pick which HD to install to and overwrite the second HD that has ME on it? or is it a more complicated affair? yeah, you can tell, Im not a computer whiz.

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When you install ubuntu, at the bootup you will have 10 seconds i think to choose which os to run. I have a 40g hardrive as slave for my data and a 20g hd which i partitioned to have windows and linux on it. Dont know how important that might be.

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