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Ok, folks...I need EVERYONE who's posting into this thread to read up.

I've just spent the last half hour cleaning out inappropriate images from this thread, and some others that came very close to being deleted, and I'm asking that you all refrain from posting semi nude or sexually suggestive pictures on Besttechie Forums.

We are a "Family Friendly Site" and as such, we cannot allow images like those to permeate the boards!

They would not be acceptable in Open Chat, they're not acceptable in this thread either please.

So PLEASE, let's keep those kinds of images off the site. Once they start then everybody wants to start posting similar ones, and the next thing you know your forums are being overrun by them. Trust me....I've seen it happen at another forum I moderated...and so did allot of you too.

This will be the only unofficial request about this, any other's from this point will result in Official warnings.

Thank You for your Anticipated Cooperation.

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So girls in swim suits are bad? Maybe I don't remember what was posted, from what I recall, nothing was more obscene then that found in the magazine "Cosmopolitan" . I thought we were doing a good job about keeping it clean.

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I'd just like to add that all of our Linux Staff do have the ability to edit posts if needed. Staffers and members, use your discretion. Things may have been carried away a bit, but we trust your judgments.


shanenin: actually, there was some stuff that went beyond 'girls in swim suits'

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I agree with Chappy and Matt,

As a Moderator who actively works in this forum I should have been more involved with editing inappropriate content in this thread, I participated in this thread too. My apologies in this matter.

Okay guys let us keep it clean from now on. :D


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So girls in swim suits are bad? Maybe I don't remember what was posted, from what I recall, nothing was more obscene then that found in the magazine "Cosmopolitan" . I thought we were doing a good job about keeping it clean.

Well, no shanenin, it was more than simply girls in swimsuits and these were definately too much for our forums.

Depending on the swimsuit also, we simply don't want Women in semi-nude, suggestive, or scantily clad pictures on the site, and all staff should know this from reading the Mod Manual posted in the Staff Forums and Staff Room.

As seen on many other sites, this always leads to a "One Up" type of thing where others always try and further push the limits once this gets started. To maintain our "Family Friendly Forum" reputation which we've worked very hard to uphold, we simply can't allow this to get started here.

I hope everyone can understand our situation here, we do have Female and Underage members and Guests that would not appreciate seeing these kinds of things on their home site.

Thank You all for your cooperation.

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Hi Carnevil were..;)

But you weren't alone either, so this was directed at everyone involoved in this thread.

It was the "School Girl" image and another of a rather "more undressed than dressed" woman that were over the top for a Family Forum.

As long as everyone remembers that we have Minor's & Female members both young and older, who certainly would not appreciate their home site becoming a "Pinup Girl" site, everything will be Ok.

BTW, there have been some Awesome desktop images posted so far too! I also love to have complex graphics and amazing deep space images on my desktop, I'm constantly changing it up. I think I have over 1300 images I have for desktop wallpapers and I'm constantly adding to that.

Thx again everyone!

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I have a torrent of 2670 anime wallpapers downloading right now so I 'll have plenty of wallpapers to chose from. I won't be usin all of them cause many series in it I haven't heard of and many others I just flat out don't like. I'll show some off when the torrent finishes.

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Is Seether still going with Amy Lee these days?

Haven't heard as much about Evanescance after that last album...not like they were after their first anyway. Seemed like they were everywhere after that 1st release but now you rarely hear about them at all.

They were both here for an outdoor weekend concert here 3 years ago this summer, good show.

I also thought Nirvana's Unplugged work really showed Kurt's true talent

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No, Shaun and Amy broke up as far as I know. Saw Seether in Manchester in 2005. Good guys they are and an awsome show! Kurt just is such a legend. It was cool to speak to Shaun and Dale in afrikaans.

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Here's Zenwalk 4.6.1 running on my old Athlon 750.

I had some trouble getting my ancient modem and ES1868 sound card working (both ISA).

Apparently Zenwalk comes without any support for the ISA bus,

I had to download the kernel source and recompile with ISA, ISA PnP and sound drivers.

(first time compiling a kernel, can't believe it works!!!)

Minor bug complaint: the menu system.

To get to them, you right-click on the desktop.

But occasionally the menus will completely disappear while I'm browsing them.

Also the "Quit" menu item is reluctant sometimes. I may have to click it a few times

before it responds. Both of these happen only rarely.

(I suppose these could be symptoms of a noob rebuilding his kernel, don't think so though)

Edit: since some updates were pushed a few days ago, I haven't seen these problems reoccur.

Either it's fixed, or my comp has just decided to behave on its own.

Other than that seems to be a solid, fast, good looking distro.

Really like how it mounts USB drives and cdroms.

Overall: pretty sweet.

Recommend you give it a try. :)


Edited by Ham Blowfist
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