A Merry Chirstmas To Ya'll

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Hey guys.

Ill be leaving in a few days to go visit family for Christmas. Ill be up in deep east Texas, then over to Alabama then to Missippi before returning home again. This will be the first time Ive ever driven hours on end in a car that will hold it's own on the interstate. (with out vibrating to death or losing pieces, :blush: ) Since I want to enjoy it w/o being sold any speeding tickets by the freindly tax collectors, I installed a CB radio in my focus. Yeah, it looks kidna hickish, but itll come in handy.

I had to install it in the parking lot of a Radio Shack since I live 20 miles away and I didnt want to go back for extra parts. Its a good thing to since I had to go back in 3 times. The sales staff knows me by name... and credit card number....:rolleyes:

Anyway, here's the finished product. No wires are visisble from inside the car, not even the anntena.




Yes, the radio is being held place by a role of tape, and yes it's a cheap cobra. However, since it puts on the maximum legal power I figured itd be best to get a good anntena instead of a good radio.

So, if anyone sees a silver ford focus flyin low on I10 tune to channel 19 and give a "how 'bout ya".

Anyway. Ill be leaving tuesday and wanted to wish all my friends on Besttechie a big Merry Chirstmas before leaving. I hope yall enjoy your time with family and friends.


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1. Don't speed and you won't get tickets.

2. How can you speed in a Focus anyway?

3. I've managed to do all my B16 fueled speeding without any tickets and that's without a police scanner or CB.

4. Have fun on your trip man

5. If you make your way up into Big orange country and If your in C-Town, TN and you see a good looking green EK Civic hatchback flying by........................... then you got the wrong car, that's Danny. I drive the crap box green Civic with missing side skirts and a bashed in hatch.

*Note* for those of you that don't know, B16 refers to my motor. B16A2. Dual Cam VTEC motor. I speed occasionally on the "bypass" out here and that's only from a rolling start of anywhere from 10-35 MPH from an on-ramp to maybe 90 then an immediate drop back to 70 (65MPH speed limit but everyone goes 5 over and cops don't pull you over for that, not considered dangerous). Going that fast for prolonged amounts of time is dangerous and kinda scary on public roads so I never do it. I wanna run on a track or rally course.

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Well uhm. Me and a friend decided to see how fast we could get from point A to B in a 70 mph speed limit that goes to 55 in a construction zone. We maintained 100 the whole way and we maxed out about 135. (There was noone working in the construction - had there been we would've slowed down) This was on I-20 :D

We went a back road to the same spot with a 55mph speed limit. We did the same speed on that road too. We got pulled over that time though. Going 82 in a 55. Amazingly -- we got off with a warning. :blink:

All in a BMW 740i. Fun stuff.

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I agree, almost any radio with a good antenna is the way to go with CB. Have a safe trip, and be especially nice to truckers, they've saved me from many a ticket (one time they surrounded me, forcing me to slow down, I thought they were being aggressive but they were actually "hiding" me from a trooper -- as soon as we passed the trooper they spread out and let me fly!).

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Racing (@ 45mph) along south on US 131 in freezing rain with a trailer load of firewood... Hear two semi's talking and see them catching me in my mirrors. One says: There's a blazer ahead movin' slow with 4-ways on. The other says: Sure wish I could... I gotta do "double nickles" to make the "D" ave hill. The first one passes me and says: Here I am in the fast lane, scared as h#ll to get back over. The black ice was so bad I slid slowly down the shoulder when I stopped to make sure my trailer lights were working.

CB's sure make a long trip easier.

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You're right Bozo. I can't believe I waited this long to get one. Communicating with the controllers of the road sure makes it easier, as well as keeping you entertainted.

I got back home today and counted around 20 troopers along I10 in Louisiana. I fear that state :( And since when does "border patrol" give out speeding tickets? Isnt their something a little more important they could be doing.... :angry:

I took I10 through New Orleans instead of the bypass. I couldn't believe the amount of damage still visible. Amazing how Mississippi seems to have healed :rolleyes:

Also, heres a tip... Learn proper lane rules! Its amazing how many idiots cruise in the left lane. Good grief...

ANyway, goodluck this year yall.

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