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  1. Thanks for the heads-up, Dan72! Rest in peace, Marshall! I signed the Guest book.
  2. I have the greatest respect for the men and women who serve. I salute you, mate! Have a great Easter.
  3. Thanks for the heads-up Chuck. Everyone should keep their systems patched, up to date, and use a firewall. My wife came close to being fooled by a paypal phishing scam. The bad guys are getting smarter.
  4. That is sad indeed. On an unrelated note I think I need new glasses. I thought this thread said installing computer cleaner.
  5. Yep. I do not do any banking on the unit even though that would be very convenient.
  6. Yes. He is truly missed!
  7. Thanks Chuck. We appreciate your efforts!
  8. I am hopeful that some of the experts will come back to BT. Today is G4's last day.
  9. Thanks, Chuck. I've been linking to our forum as well.
  10. Wonderful to see you again, Pat!! It is great to see old friends again.
  11. Pete_C, Agreed. Avast 8 is an amazing product. It is running very well on my Win 7 box:)
  12. Greetings Shadow_Thomas! It is great to see you again. Thanks for stopping by!
  13. Wonderful to see you all coming home again to besttechie.com. Welcome back!!!
  14. Awesome!! Thanks for helping us with the malware logs! We appreciate this a lot!
  15. Dan72, Thank you very much for sending traffic our way! I have put a link to your forums in my signature at G4.
  16. Holy Smokes! Get well soon, Pete_C!
  17. Hi Dan72, Great to see you here, man! Thank you for the kind words about our forum.
  18. Heya rv56! Good to see you again, man. I'm hoping to retire in about 2-3 years; I'm looking forward to that indeed.
  19. Hi Barb, Welcome back, it is good to see you again! Of course we remember you.
  20. Hey goliath, long time no see. Welcome back.
  21. Congratulations on your retirement! I'll be retiring in about 2-3 years as well. Enjoy!
  22. Happy New Year, Folks:) Eat well, celebrate, and get home safely. 2013 is looking good, I'm thinking.