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  1. Quick Update: I finally finished all the last bits of the Cover Letter Last night. This morning I emailed them the cover letter and resume as requested. I also sent them an inner office envelope containing a hard copy, as well as my employment application. Lets just hope I hear from them soon.

  2. Again, thanks to all for your well wishes. I will definately keep you posted on how things are turning out for this. I'm going to work on my resume tonight and hopefully finish the cover letter, then tomorrow I am hoping to march proudly down to the HR office and personally hand it in. :)

  3. Thanks everyone! :)

    Silly me, I brought my resume file with me to update over the weekend (staying with some friends), but just found out I brought the wrong file. :(

    For those wondering, the job basically would have me working directly with students on campus with their hardware and software issues. I'd be holding seminars with another person on software training for students as well as other seminars for things such as digital cameras and scanners. :)

  4. Yay! Finally it's my turn to ask for good luck to be sent my way!

    Just yesterday I recieved the wonderful news that the job I want has finally opened at the college. I will be spending the weekend working on my resume and cover letter to be turned in first thing next week. The person I would be working with is rooting for me and said she would love to work with me. My boss is also working on a letter of reccommendation this weekend to turn in on my behalf.

    At this time, I could use all the good luck you all could send my way! This job would mean earning enough money to get a newer car within just a few months, and also a chance for me to finally move out on my own.