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  1. thanks everyone! I really do appreciate the support.

    Somehow HR had lost my application, but they did finally find it again this morning. The fact that they were looking for it again today might be a really good thing, but we shall see. :) Apparently one of the comittee members was so proud of me, that she actually cried. She was a professor of mine at the college, so she finally got to see how far along I had come. :D

  2. It was today at 1 and I feel pretty confident about my performance. I was really jittery about the interview part, but once I was up in the front of the room for the lesson, I was calm as a lady bug and smooth as silk! ;)

    **note** Just got "info" that they were really pleased with me, but I'm not supposed to know that. :D

  3. Hello beautiful (and handsome) people! What a B-E-A -Utiful day it is! w00t!

    No, I am not on drugs, but I am on a natural high! I just got some great news!

    Instead of getting a phone call, I was personally approached my the big boss about the job I've been applying for. Well I have the interview! I'll be interviewed Wednesday Aug 3rd at 1pm. As part of my interview, I have to bring a lesson plan and be prepared to teach them something about the microsoft office program. I will have 5-10 minutes to do that, so it shouldn't be too bad. I have just over a week to do this, so guess what I'm doing this weekend? :D

  4. I need at least 7 hours, or I get cranky :)  Like Macmarauder, I get caught up in a project and end up staying up too late and I'm no good at sleeping in.  I feel like I "wasted my day" if I sleep til 10.



    I'm with you there Liz.

    Although I've been getting plenty of sleep, I've still been extrememly exaughsted lately. I'm 22, but have no energy. How messed up is that? After three days in a row of falling asleep at work, I finally made a dr's appointment for this afternoon. I need to have yet another discussion with my dr about my fatigue. I'm hoping this time he'll have a better answer of things to do about it.