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  1. I have a 32GB OCZ SSD in my desktop machine as the Windows boot disk. Is incredibly fast but was very expensive. Good performance, if you can afford them and, due to the lack of moving parts, it makes them good for laptops which are prone to being dropped. Phil
  2. There's 2 main architectures you can consider. SAN and NAS. SAN being a mapping of remote storage such that it appears locally (for example ATA over Ethernet) and NAS being a mapping of remote storage such that it is still defined as remote (e.g. SMB). There's 2 main issues. Storage and throughput. The storage requirements are pretty massive and you'd need to carefully consider how it is accessed. That is to say how traffic much each server in the storage array will be transferring at one time. From this, you can decide on the mediums to use (whether that be for 1GigE or 10GigE Ethernet). If i
  3. The question now is, how do you want it set up. Is it important that each individual device is on and accessible from the college network or do you just want to access files and resources on said network? Phil
  4. Where does the belkin wireless adaptor connect to? Phil
  5. Offline password and registry editor ( will remove/change it. I've never had luck with changing it but it removes the password quite effectively. Just remove it, do your repair work and, when you can boot back into Windows, you can put a new password back on the account. Phil
  6. By 'recognise', I assume you mean be able to connect to the router and use it via wireless. If that is the case then they won't have any problems. Phil
  7. I have a firm hatred of anything based on RedHat but I may check it out if I find some time. Thanks for the info Phil
  8. That's probably something you should ask Charter - however there were a fair few changes in Vista's SSL and TLS support which may have had an effect on the situation. Phil
  9. Furthermore, why does he want a "stealth" keylogger. If it was to spy on someone legitimately (still wrong but slightly less so), why does it matter if it's covert or not? The best deterrent is known presence. Again, I question your motives and moral values. Phil
  10. It was not an "insult", but a mere suggestion. To have someone spy on me would be a gross invasion of my privacy and take no end of measures to prevent that. I therefore feel it is morally wrong to spy on anyone else whether or not they be your own family. Phil
  11. Yeh, there's a good one *Removed Rickrolling link. P.S. Go acquire some moral values. Phil
  12. If you add an imap account to most mail clients you should be able to drag and drop mails into the folders. Outlook definately supports this and I'd be surprised if Thunderbird/OE/Windows Live Mail etc. don't do it. Phil
  13. You'd be better investing your time in learning how to make sites without such wysiwyg tools. They all have their limitations and you can produce better sites without them. Phil
  14. Phil

    Blog Spam

    The joys of inadequate protection. Phil
  15. Because the source address of the packets is rewritten by the NAT software on the router as packets pass through destined for the WAN side of it there is no way for anyone on the WAN side of the router (i.e. the "authorities") to trace the cause of the downloading. All they see is the WAN IP and Mac address of the router. My university requires you to register your laptop and login to use the network. This means that they have your mac address on file and most likely log connections. All web traffic /should/ be through the university proxy and every request to that is logged. For a home user,
  16. The primary purpose of 99.9% of domains today is for pointers to sites on the world wide web. The www. prefix is left over from the days when this was not the case. Each prefix would have pointed to a different server - e.g. www. ftp. mail. etc. The www./non-www. system plays havoc with SEO. It is apparently better to redirect the non-www. to the www. (e.g. to using the HTTP 301 response and the Location header. Phil
  17. Phil

    Website I Built.

    Nice site but a few things... The white box is bigger than the red box to the left of it, which looks a little silly. The low quality pixelated "Support" image on the left looks pretty shoddy - as does the low quality pixelated logo. The rollover effect for the "Support" image/box looks a little silly also since the red backgrounded image just ends up out on its own. The image on the left of, what I can only describe as, "trinary" would look better with the text evenly spaced around it - rather than with some lines ending closer to the image than others. It might also look nicer moved a bit mo
  18. I'd imagine that, even if it does support it, it would be pointless due to the fact cpu utilisation would be so high. You're better getting a RAID card. Phil
  19. A windows repair install would be advisable. Phil
  20. I need to know the current they draw too. Phil
  21. That depends solely on the amount of current and voltage the LED is supposed to take. Read what it says and report back. Phil
  22. Snakeoil.dom is usually related to SSL certificates. You don't give any details about why you can't access the account besides "because of snakeoil.dom". Phil
  23. Windows netbios is a complete waste of space. It rarely works how you want it to. IP addresses won't change if they are statically assigned. Phil
  24. Once you have the folder shared, you can (on the other PC) go to start->run and type \\PC.IP.HERE (where PC.IP.HERE is the IP of the PC sharing the files) You can map the dir to a drive like so... Btw, "Type the name of the folder to map" means something like \\PC.IP.HERE\mysharedstuff Phil