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  1. I wasn't attempting to insult Malware experts, so if that was what you picked up from my post then I apologize. I was attempting to put into words what I think shanenin worded fairly well. Your average computer techie who has a working knowledge of the registry, task processes, and access to google can determine which processes are running and which ones are bad processes. That is if a scan doesn't fix it.
  2. Thanks shanenin, you've brought me a boatload of good news. I was a little wary about using it, I still am knowing that it can crush an OS. However the fact that it doesn't really do any permanent damage doesn't bother me overly. Most comps I work on have hardly any software, and before I work on them I back up all files, pictures, movies, the registry and a system restore point. The worst that happens is that I reformat their computer which takes 2 hours (provided they have their driver disks) Thanks for the response! Also I agree on the whole you're not qualified to look at HiJack this logs
  3. A friend of mine has done beta already. He said its liteweight like XP but fancy like Vista (basically how vista should have been) Also the windows 7 taskbar is also another decent feature on it. I have it replicated in the Customizing software forum but if you want a closer look at, here is a video demonstrating it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzS2V1245G8
  4. Have you made sure its malware-free? 1st thing I do when there's any problems is eliminate the known positives. I recommend downloading Malwarebytes antimalware, installing it, updating it, and then giving it a run. What are your results? From there we can check out the rest.
  5. Personally I like Gerry and the Pacemakers just because the tone of it, you don't here too many good old ones like that nowadays. I like the White Stripes because its a rather original rockband today and they write some decent material. The talking heads is obvious. They were different. Anyone can tell you that. They became the influence for everyone because they stood out.
  6. And why you like them. Personally I have a good bit of music so I'll just shuffle and list some of the good ones that comes up. Try to keep it minimal don't post millions of songs. Just post a couple and try to add a little discussion to the mix. 1. Gerry and the Pacemakers - You'll never walk alone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ1wVOzYhcc 2 White Stripes - Seven Nation Army http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VutMLnjXTY4 3. The Talking Heads - Psycho Killer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92lmcRYy29Q
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    Os Wars

    kk I was just making sure I was correct, now if there could be a linux distro that was Ubuntu + Micro$oft functionality (gaming and graphics wise) well then I'd be sold. As for now I just tweak windows xp to work how I want and get freeware (which is actually fairly lite) to mimic the graphics http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=295qux&s=5 That's my xp
  8. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=295qux&s=5 Most Recent, I've cleaned things up some with the explorer.
  9. That was my thoughts as well shanenin. I'm just curious what his heaviest programs are. Since he's well protected and since he has so little ram its probably a combo of startup programs and Unneeded program services.
  10. This is excellent advice, and I've heard the same thing from a couple news sources. Also, I was told to use a vacuum after the battery is taken out and the phone is turned off Before you do the rice.
  11. MOAR It'd be nice to get some community contributions.
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    Os Wars

    @ Keith I've heard most games tend not to work on most linux distros except for Wine. Can you confirm any truth in this?
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    Os Wars

    @JSKY I heard its as lightweight as XP with the features of Vista and that superbar feature. Personally I've already replicated it's pro's including DX10 and the taskbar, but if you're thinking of switching OS's and don't know how to customize XP. I think Windows 7 is a great way to go.
  14. That sounds good to me Honda Boy, I'll give it a shot. Personally I don't have that big of a need for it right now, but if its better I'll replace it just cuz. Also I have a tool that I just found for all the uber - techies out there to use. It's extremely useful. I'm sure some of you have heard of HUD's rainmeter. Well this Avedesk, Rainmeter, and any other widget program on steroids. You can literally take updated text (school delays, closings, stock quotes, status updates, etc.) and put that updated text on your computer. There's no need to browse for it. It'll be on your comp and will
  15. Chief, Usually a problem has many different problems. If you're experiencing surfing problems I'd consider running a malware scan before anything, but as you already have some pretty good programs running first I want to make sure that Malwarebytes is updated. If so then ignore this step. Second, what connection is your internet speed? Has your computer always been like this or has it happened recently? If you could, could you close all programs open, Press Control + Alt + Delete. Then your task manager should pop up. Click the processes tab. Then click the mem usage tab to order your proces
  16. Personally I think matt has an excellent point. I've used combofix quite a bit, and it hasn't as of yet crushed a computer. At the same time I'm extremely wary of it, because it is quite powerful. Mostly I run MBAM and if there is something major I might try combofix. However there are a few questions I have that are similar to shanenin's. 1. I understand the removal process has to be completely secret or obviously they could code malware around it. However what would cause your computer to be trashed by combofix? 2. When they say (you're computer might not run again after running combo