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  1. Go to How to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control, and use the uninstaller mentioned in the article. Check your Add/Remove Programs, in the Control Panel, and remove any older versions of Macromedia flash. Then go to Java SE Downloads, scroll down to Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6u1 for end-users, and install it.
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    I Survived

    Glad to hear everything went well, handplane. Now you have an excuse to lay around, and do nothing. Take care of yourself.
  3. Make copies of the files, then convert the copies to MP3. If you convert the copies to a high bitrate, say 160 or above, I don't think you'll notice any drop-off in sound quality, on an MP3 player. Once converted to MP3, you could also use a program like Audacity, to cut the albums up into individual songs. You can also use Audacity to edit ID3 tags.
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    Spybot is very CPU intensive. It's possible that the CPU is overheating, and the system is shutting down to protect the processor. Are your fans running? Have you cleaned the interior of the case lately? Check to make sure the heatsink on the processor isn't loose. If you don't believe heat can be an issue, check out these threads in the Spybot forums: Spybot causes shut down PC crashes while Spybot is running Spybot wont run spybot related shutdown spybot shuts down computer while scanning (Solution - loose heat sink) Crashing or Shut Down
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    Dell Backpedals on Preloading Linux
  6. Web log - publicly accessible personal journal Think of it as a diary, that anyone can read, and comment on. Express opinions, thoughts, etc., ........just about anything you want to.
  7. The thread wasn't deleted. I linked to it in my above post, and explained why it was set invisible.
  8. The link was set invisible, until the information could be checked out. It has now been set visible. I Thought I Should Pass This On!, A problem with AVG
  9. Deep Burner would have also done it. You would have just had to select Create audio CD, when DeepBurner started.
  10. For anyone interested, I found a Firefox extension to help enhance the security of your PC, while using Firefox, and Internet Explorer. It's an Anti-keylogger called, KeyScrambler Personal. It has been independently tested by Grinler, at BC, and it does work. He tested it, using three different commercial keyloggers: Actual Spy PC ACME Professional Keyboard Spectator Pro (KGB Spy) 3.30 Review There's a Personal version (Freeware), and a professional version ($24.99). It's also available, from the Homepage, for Internet Explorer:
  11. good suggestions. As to a keyboard, it is already at the perfect height to place it on top of the counter(arms are Parallel with the floor). If I sit on a tall stool, I think my legs would hit drawers. I fully agree, I have lots of wasted space below, i may try and add some shelves. Build some drawers into 1, or 2, independent cabinets, on wheels, that will fit under the workbench. Have one set of wheels, on each cabinet, with locks. Whenever you sit at the bench, pull the cabinets out, which will give you all of the leg room you need, and you still have all of the storage space the drawers
  12. Clicking and continuing to drag in Irfanview, will continue to scroll when you hit the edge of the window. Also, after you have created the selection box, you can resize it to your needs by moving the cursor over the edges of the selection box,until the double arrow appears, then click and drag to the desired dimensions. After the selection is made, click Edit, and select Crop Selection.
  13. There should be an option to clean the jets. Have you tried that?
  14. Eye Drops
  15. Note: You will have to go back and re-apply all of your personal settings (Options), as deleting the Profile folder will erase everything Firefox related. You will be starting with a clean slate. To completely uninstall Firefox, you will need to delete your Profile folder. This file is not removed when you uninstall Firefox from Add/Remove. It will retain all of your previous settings, and re-apply them to your new install, if it's not deleted. That's why, when you install a new version of Firefox, your previous settings, bookmarks, passwords, etc., all remain the same. For a Fresh (start fro
  16. Have you tried POW Not sure about browser compatability. Wife's the same, refuses to use Firefox. Been using POW for about 3 yrs. with no problems. Once it's trained, you very seldom see any popups.
  17. feed ramp extractorIt could be the lips on the mag are not releasing the round high enough (bent down too far), a weak mag spring (most likely), feed ramp needs to be polished (possible considering the age of the gun), or a combination of the three. I get it.I'm a Gunsmith.
  18. Sounds like the magazine lips, or the follower, needs to be adjusted.This is a pretty common problem with those older magazines. When you have the gun inspected, bring the magazines, and explain to the Gunsmith the problems you're having. Adjusting them is no big deal, but it should be done by someone experienced with the procedure. By chambering problems, do you mean the bolt is hard to close?That could be a headspace problem. That's another common problem with old Enfield's. Be sure to have that checked.
  19. If the jacket is that severly damaged (jacket is sticking out further than the back of the bullet), don't fire it. Even if you could chamber the round, which is highly unlikely, and fire it, it would likely cause a catastrophic pressure build up, which could cause severe damage to the gun, or the one firing it, neither of which is worth the risk.
  20. Looks nice, but I would check the spelling on that page.
  21. As tenmm said, if it's just the tip that's damaged, firing the round will not damage the gun. The only thing that a damaged tip will affect is the accuracy of the round, due to the aerodynamics of the bullet being altered. Even then you probably won't notice the difference it in a gun that old, unless it's a match grade barrel in mint condition, which is unlikely. For what that round cost (approx. $1), I would fire it.
  22. If you're looking for original: .303 British 174 gr. Ammo. 1940's to 1950's production, mixed British manufacturer firepower. Berdan-primed, non-reloadable, corrosive, 174 grain, full metal jacket bullet, brass-cased. Muzzle Velocity: 2,400 F.P.S. Muzzle Energy: 2,224 ft.-lbs 100 Rds. - $17.97 200 rds. - $32.97 400 Rds. - $61.97
  23. Just a picture I took, of one of the spiders around the house.