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  1. Please accept belated condolences from me on the passing of your Mom, Shadow. Reading your first post, I see that my mom was born the same year in March. She's still with us, but her health is not good. My dad passed away in Aug. '03. So, I know what it is to lose a parent. It will be even harder when Mom passes, so I understand and empathize. My prayers are with you even now. May the Lord be with you and help you through your loss. Deb
  2. Thriller Hitest: The Candy Man, I believe was a movie about a real person who molested children which happened to be a true story, unfortunately. And could be classified as a horror movie, though I don't think it was intended to be. A true crime film.
  3. I don't know you, Sultan.... But I still want to wish you a happy Birthday! Deb
  4. Is there a difference? Credit or Debit card
  5. waffle dirt bike or racing bike?
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    Thanks for the welcome, Yes, I think I'm gonna like it here! Deb
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    About U?

    From the looks of it I guess this is where I start....? Ok I'm in NC, USA, 51, with one daughter and one son. My daughter has 3 children, Cohen, Allyssa, and Ryan, and lives in the next county. My son, a Staff Sergeant in the US Marines, just got back from Iraq a few months ago. He's married to a Navy girl and they have a son, Connor, who is my youngest grandbaby. I hadn't seen him since 1998 when he was deployed last year, so when he came home (Thank the Lord!) he visited home for about a week. It was a wonderful thing, to see my son safely home after not seeing him for so long, meeting my ne