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  1. Ask him/her to stop doing the bad thing. What would you do if you were alone in a room with Paris Hilton? (I would leave.)
  2. Had me worried there for a minute,glad to see you snaped out of it. lol
  3. Hi, I'm glad to see another g4 member here.
  4. Cygwin live cd, eh? I should check it out.
  5. ROFL! about fine print I exited for the mac mini!!!!
  6. TWM with Gnome! My dads old co-worker was the author of twm. Tom....
  7. Very cool, Dogbert2. Thanks for the link. No problem! any time
  8. Other! I'm in the slow process of switching to gmail lite. Gmail lite It's still in testing though
  9. I like using twm and gnome. Strangely I preffer twm over flux/black box.
  10. My Dad works at HP so I'm alwas going to recomend them! I've had some good luck on my pentuim 2, 200mhz vectra running redhat 9.
  11. Hi its good to be here! It reminds me of the old techtv linux section.