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    My Mac is the white MacBook high-end base model. My PC is a Dell Dimension 3000 desktop from 2005. Intel Integrated graphics, 512mb RAM, P4 2.8GHz processor, 6 USB, Creative sound card, USB sound card.
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    Windows XP Home Edition and Mac OS X Leopard
  1. I'd hate to say this...but you can't. The only way you can is by getting iMovie HD 6 (Get it @ Apple's site for free)
  2. If you haven't cleaned it out in some time, you should do that. Dust can kill a PC. Also, I would look at the power supply and motherboard, also the hard drive. Either of those things could be taking it's final turn in life, so get ready for some repairs in the future I think...or even a new PC
  3. Bowler4Ever


    Congrats, Matt! I'll be joining you in the class of '08! I finished high school a week and a half ago and I took my only final exam today! Graduating Friday night at 6:30pm
  4. Ok, this is what my hard drive looks like (attachments)
  5. It looks like it will work!...I just wonder if I can find it in a retail store somewhere. (Not too big a fan of online purchases.)
  6. Is it possible that I can get some sort of cord for my laptop's hard drive (nearly 4 years old) and transfer those files to my desktop PC's hard drive?
  7. I don't have an HDTV in this room. It's a standard def flat screen tube TV. I think it's 24". There's nothing in the menu to change anything. I can only get the TV to 800x600 mode and that's still too big.
  8. ...the resolution on the TV is too big! It's very hard to see the text on the TV because, even though the TV is at a 1024x768 like my laptop monitor is, it's just too big! Is there any way I can lower the resolution on my TV without interfering with the laptop monitor? I have an ATi Mobility Radeon 9000. Connection is by S-Video.