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  1. Thanks for your help shanenin. In doing some research this morning it appears that this problem is quite common with the Gateway GT4016 after a couple of years use. I didn't read anyone saying they fixed the problem though, just people mentioning that it was either the power supply or the motherboard, which we've already determined here. I definitely don't trust taking it to a place like Best Buy though, what might be a power supply issue will quickly turn into a new hard drive and everything with a place like that. They always find things wrong that weren't a problem before. No offense to
  2. With the amount of money for gas it would take to get to your shop I could probably buy the best computer out there. What would your shop for example charge to replace someones power supply? I realize every shop will have different prices, but that would at least give me an estimate should I decide to take it in.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I almost think I'd be better off to buy a new computer since just a tower by itself isn't all that expensive, and I could upgrade in the process to something newer. I'm not sure how expensive it would be to fix the issue with this one, but I'm not so in love with the computer that I absolutely have to use this one, I'm definitely open to having another one. It's a shame though because all in all it's been a decent pc.
  4. Hi, thanks for responding. I did that already, unfortunately it didn't help. Is there anyway I could somehow check either of these things to get an idea if one is going bad? Something I can visually see, or actually test? What's frustrating is I just bought this computer in 2006, so it's not very old. And it's been working fine until this.
  5. Let me get some specs out of the way first, feel free to ask for others; Gateway GT4016 desktop PC Windows XP 2005 Media Center Edition Avast Anti-Virus 4.8 Comodo Firewall Mozilla Firefox browser Ok so here's my problem, about 2 months ago my computer starting having these problems. Whenever I restart the computer it won't restart, it goes through the process of restarting, but when it's time for it to reload it won't, it just sits there after the screen goes blank, I have to actually unplug it and plug it back in so it will restart. Even then though it's not so simple because my
  6. Hi everyone, not sure if my last question was missed. I was wondering if I can safely uninstall combofix? Thanks.
  7. This fixed the problem!! Thank you so much, nothing else has worked so I'm very appreciative. One last question, can I safely uninstall combofix?
  8. Ok so I added the TweakUI, followed all the instructions requested. Unfortunately the problem still persists. I'm sorry that I missed your post originally BT, I'll also look at what your suggesting.
  9. Thanks Falcon, I'm sorry that I forgot to give some specs. I'm definitely using Windows XP so I'll give this a try as soon as I can, and I will let you know how it goes. And the ComboFix was definitely at the recommendation of a reputable tech person, but that's when the problem started. Could just be coincidence, but hopefully I just get this fixed regardless.
  10. Hi everyone, I've gone to other tech forums and I get a couple of answers on this issue, it never gets resolved and they leave me hanging. I hope someone can help me here, but I understand you can only do the best you can. For some reason Windows no longer prompts me when I insert a cd or dvd into the drive, or when I plug in a usb cable. For example, when I used to insert a DVD into the DVD drive I would get a small box that would pop up asking me which player I wanted to use. Now that doesn't happen, I have to manually go into my computer and open it up that way. Or, when I used to attac