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  1. Hi goliath Wow memories are returning. Jeff on a road trip with dad was introduced to Web TV at a motel. I'll be back... Marsh
  2. Hi just received an email from Miss Fae, that was class of her to inform me, but unlikely return to say goodbye. Tho will respond to see hows she is doing. Hmm never been unbanned before haha ---------------------- Hi Marsh, it's MissFae. I don't know if this email will find it's way to you but I'm hoping you are well. If you don't already know, the G4 forums are going to be deleted on March 18th. This is an open invitation for you to come back for the last few weeks if you want. Just let me know. Fae --------------------------------- Sure do remember May 04, wow a long time ago already. Bee
  3. Hi bozodog I'm very curious of this 28 day aged, prime porterhouse. 21 years discovered the Food Saver vacuum pack machine at a trade show, only have aged a steak maybe a week in the refrigerator. So tender I'll have to try again, thanks for the memories. Ouch we had 18" snow here for leap year 29 Feb so here's what I saw, thankfully I had the truck ready to go, car safe in the garage. Porch charcoaler had to wait its turn. Take care and please let me know. Marsh
  4. marsh_0x


    Hi Marty Sad to see more Earth Quake's shake again for you my friend. Someday I will visit south of the equator to see your sun to the north during your summer now. Fascinates me this small world with the web. Marsh
  5. marsh_0x


    Hi Marty Are you enjoying your spring/summer ? Take care friend.
  6. Hi Bozodog Ouch re-reading the joke again is a lot closer to reality than others may think. In Wisconsin we can even walk on water (ice) fishing. We sure got more bars than many per population. Too much kool aid at the uncles farm decided to ride a milk heifer cow, did well until I got hungry for a rare beef steak, what's a soft bite on the neck darn ground is hard besides a possible cow pie. Yep my uncle said she never forgot me and would run away when spotting my car or me. Said to say a true story, but live and learn to put the kool aid down earlier haha Thought oof-dah was reserved for th
  7. Hi bozodog, this needs to be quoted. The Pack is coming on turkey day, how about my Packers and your Detroit Lions coming out from the shadows. Yep back to back Super Bowls may happen. haha
  8. Odd as a long time bachelor decided it's time to upgrade from the turkey Swanson TV dinner. From Hungary Man version to -> Bought a 3# turkey breast, fresh yams, stove top dressing, cranberries etc including a pumpkin pie that will last for days. Coming out of character haha Walking on the fresh snowfall barefooted is more like me. Happy turkey day and with my Packers playing the Lions makes for a great day. Does life get any better haha ? Too be continued... Marsh
  9. Hi, not sure what hoarding means ? SCD (super cool dude) from G* is an example of 10+ years with 'hoarding' haha Wise thoughts from shanenin with word changes for the Google hits. To get on page one is critical as few go beyond that, a fact of life. With the price of SSD coming down in a big way, add solid state drives words ? I've had mine for 14 months a Patriot came with a 10 year warranty that was proven a month into use failed with pure satisfaction from them. Any new electronics device is subject to fail quickly and the rest will probably last a lifetime. The price has really come down
  10. The garden is just coming in, fresh broccoli about to flower so it is finally time to harvest, french dip for pure taste unlike imported stores have. Ah 1st dig of the year she was a red potato, so now I know what rows are red or white, pinched a few chives from my 20 y/o plant, besides the beautiful flowers. Add a little sour cream and Smart Balance, life doesn't get better haha Ouch with 12 tomato plants my 1st born ripe (early girl) will be a few more day, keeping a watch on her. Unless you've had a fresh organic grown you will not understand me the difference in taste. My neighbor has
  11. I did so well this year staying inside the house in the deep country life only a few fireworks explosions in the far distance. No longer does incoming mortars or rockets or AK 47 trouble me any longer, imagine that... Marsh
  12. Hi Keith and Marty On a different thread here I mentioned a news flash another quake but not informed enough to comment, Fox/CNN/Msnbc etc are still busy with Casey Anthony case, murder in the USA boogles my mind for what it's worth my long time friend. Good grief Marty my only concerns have been with over sized mosquito's birds Tho I do like to rock and roll you are still getting hit that hurts me Marsh
  13. Hi TT, so nice to see you using Smart Balance a wise choice all the VA hospitals use. Actually good for the human body with the Omega-3 Are you aware of Morton's salt substitute is all Potassium, shake on as much as wished or go eat more bananas haha Ungodly hot now near 80f, seldom go outside in that heat except to the deck later and will try this one from Mr Food -> Down sized for just me, darn almost asked my mail lady, 1 hour left on her route and cute/classy to fall in love again. Darn a news flash New Zealand had another earthquake off shore north. Oh Marty I/we worry for you and y